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Collusion? More Hillary Crime!

Added: Monday, April 22nd 2019 at 10:29am by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: criminal

   The Collusion Charges; More Hillary Crime Cover-up

Let's not forget where this "Russian Collusion" crap began; It started as a excuse when Wikileaks published leaked emails from DNC showing that Hillary and the DNC partnered against Bernie to "fix" the primaries to elect Hillary. They blamed Russia to cover up the murder of one of ther underlings, who was probably the leaker, to prevent further info leaks! Killery had struck again, then went to extreme efforts to cover it up, because she was a shoo-in to win and the truth would never come out; and Obama's FBI and DOJ colluded to guarantee a Hillary win and to either stop Trump or remove him from office; their standard way of criminal operations! The "in-pocket MSM went along with anything the Obama deep-state said. The probe went for over 2 years with an over-loaded mob of Hillary-supporting Democrats and found nothing to hang on Trump.

Now these losers are shouting "obstruction of justice!" Let's face it; if there was sufficient evidence there, don't you think that Mueller would have found it and indicted?
Maybe now we will get a closer look at the real evidence! Maybe we will investigate futrther the ACTUAL colluder, Hillary and open her criminal acts to grand juries; murder, collusion, spying, illegal FISA applications,. etc! The Obama deep state of the FBI and DOJ should be imprisoned also!
This witch hunt was begun and pushed because of covering up a leak of emails and evolved into a 2-year, $25 Million fiasco which has been the worst criminal act in US history; a criminal attempt to unseat a duly elected US president! Prison should be the result for many of these criminals. Heads must roll. (figuratively speaking).

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Hi, us2!


Once upon a time our society was organized in such a way as most people desired the truth which was a necessary condition in the pursuit of justice. Those days and that society have been replaced by the pursuit of power, and the gangster politicians which Nietzsche anticipated; übermensch come in the crude Hitlerian type, but the smooth mendaciously wicked Obama and Clinton types as well; the latter type is made more efficacious to power acquisition by a sentimentally disposed culture. My hope is that Barr, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, Michael Horowitz, Larry Klayman, Tom Fitton and others will bring all these incestuous Obama and Clinton scum bastards (scum likely select scum to work for them…) to justice, but the Justice Department is likely inundated with many more like McCabe, Comey, Page et al, than one can imagine (the University orders – axiomatically - most graduate’s souls desiring power…). So although I’d like to see a new Federal penitentiary to be built – to house most of the people in the orbit of Clinton and Obama Administrations (and of course cells for Bill, and Hillary Clinton and Obama, as well…) - I’m not holding my breath for such a reckoning to take place…





One can only hope and pray that justice will be served!

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