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Chuckman's Idiotic Rant.......Again!!

Added: Saturday, December 14th 2019 at 5:09pm by us2nomads
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: lies

Chuckman's Idiotic Rant about Christians; AGAIN! Chuck rants about Puritans in history, then turns to villifying American Christians about their beliefs about Satan, among other things.........And then disables comments! He vomits his idiotic rants, then make sure that nobody will disagree with him on his site! He must not believe himself very strongly, just wants to stir things up! Doesn't want to have to defend his statements. COWARD? Seems so!

User Comments


Do you know what the remedy is to all these "anti-Christian" rants that give you so much grief?  It would be for Christian extremists to mind their own business, respect the Constitutional "wall" between religion and government, and stop trying to force you beliefs on others.  Stop persecuting KGBTQ and atheist and all the other people christian extremist try to control, and YES, Christian extremist ARE trying to control people.  If Christian extremists stopped trying to erode the establishment clause by continuously trying to slide your mottos, slogans, scripture and symbols into the government process to present the appearance that our government has a preference for your faith over any other.  Respect the choices of people NOT to believe what you believe, and stop trying to advance the narrative that "Godless" means or equates to "evil, immoral, dangerous etc.  And stop lying to divide people.  Atheists are NOT trying to indoctrinate or convert people.  Try engaging respectfully and honestly and you will be treated the same in return.  Christians do not need to rule this country.

Chuckman never opens his page to comments. Situation normal.

Beingnobody is full of shit. Also situation normal.

You're welcome.

All of these guys who are so against Christianity are mainly gays, transvestites, drag queens and/or transgenders who don't like that Christians won't accept their seamy lifestyle. I assume Chuckman is gay, also Beingnobody, just by the things they post. 

True! But, at least they have the opportunity to disagree with my post, on my site. And, they are really fighting God, not me. Guess who will win???

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