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Be Careful About Saudi Arabia

Added: Thursday, December 6th 2018 at 4:20pm by us2nomads
Related Tags: politics

         Be Extra Careful About Saudia Arabia!
 In the 9th chapter of REvelation, we're told that the "4 Angels bound in the Euphrates will be released who will kill 1/3 of mankind! There were 4 empires that ended in that area, the Assyrian, Babylonian, Medio-Persion, and Greek.
Saudi Arabia was part of all 4! George Bush helped I ran when he invaded Iraq, that was soon taken over by Iran. Driving Saudi away could result in Iran expanding even more! So the reporter was murdered there, which is a terrible act, but there are other considerations to be considered, longtime.
The Bible talks about a 200 million man army coming out of there with Nukes! It will eventually take place, but I do not believe in helping them along!
Democrats are screaming for us to take action against Saudi! Be very careful, Mr. President!

User Comments

That dead guy means nothing to the US.

I saw an article that said he was a faux reporter...really a Trojan Horse/Bad-Guy-Spy

He was Muslim Brotherhood connected... that's why the democrats and the RINOS care so much.


Interesting and some good advice . Yes, we need to be careful of how we play our cards when it comes to the END TIMES and these countries.

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