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Bad NFL Fine

Added: Thursday, December 6th 2018 at 9:30am by us2nomads
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Star Cowboys Running Back Calls The NFL ‘Ridiculous’ After Being Hit With Ridiculous Fine
10:36 AM 12/06/2018 | Sports
Jena Greene | Reporter

Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliot isn’t holding back his criticism of the NFL anymore.

The star running back, 23, was hit with a $13,369 fine this week for “unsportsmanlike conduct,” which seems pretty reasonable, except he only received the fine because he dropped a $21 donation into a giant red Salvation Army pot after to celebrate a touchdown.

Yeah. The NFL somehow found something wrong with that. Like $13,369 worth of wrongdoing.

And Ezekiel Elliot isn’t exactly happy about it.

“I mean, I didn’t really expect a fine,” the running back said Wednesday. “I really don’t care about the fine. It’s all for a good cause. We’re trying to bring awareness to the Salvation Army. If the NFL doesn’t like that, then, that’s on them. I’ll pay their little fine.”

Elliot also suggested the NFL should donate his fine to the Salvation Army, since he, Dak Prescott, and the Cowboys are already pledging $21,000 to the organization this year. Most fines, Pro Football Talk points out, are used to benefit former players.

“A lot of things they do define ridiculous,” Elliott said of the NFL. “But I mean, that’s not really any of my business, not really anything I can change, so I’m just going to keep being focused on this season, keep being focused on leading this team and focused on going out there and winning ball games.”

Talk about a baller statement. I’m pretty sure Ezekiel Elliot just dethroned Aaron Rodgers as the king of the passive aggressive press conference.

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Oh brother, what will they think up next!

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