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A Poll for everyone...

Added: Thursday, September 7th 2017 at 6:04pm by unoblocker

This poll brought to you by Blogster Polls

Why do people show up in the visitors box on your blog but never comment... EVER?

10 Responses Created by unoblocker on September 7, 2017

  • They're rude
  • They're just nosey
  • They're snooping
  • They're spying
  • They're trolling
  • They hate you
  • They love you
  • They are a secret admirer
  • They have no life
  • They are going to kill you

User Comments

All could have been checked off, really!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

...you have a point

Or they just have nothing to say.

"...but never comment... EVER?"

Guess most of us agree on nosey ass people . Plenty of those for sure here.
I do understand at times having nothing to say on a topic. Almost every time? Nah.

Occasionally yeah...



Image result for creepy stalkers

Image result for Internet stalker memes

Hash - a great one!

Since you want to hear some of the thoughts about it.

Most of what I have noticed many topics pulling in - not from you but from many of us on the Right.


Image result for creepy stalkers

Image result for Internet stalker memes

Image result for Internet stalker memes

Hahahaha - cool .

Image result for creepy stalkers

I think most of it is due to being noisy.

I could only guess.

Image result for REALLY!!! gifs


I like the cat


...someone put crack in his food bowl. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Hahahahaaa!  I love this one!


I would guess that all of the above would apply to somebody or another....

That's what I'm thinking... at least that's the way it is for me. {#basic-cool.gif}

Does it bother you?

Do you want to know?

Well I guess it could be most of them, but it will be interesting to see the result.

Ha!! Now some are commenting but not voting.

I voted, and I love what MetalPunk posted, just love it...lol

It's perfect!! {#basic-cool.gif}


The BEST comment yet!!!! {#rofl.gif}

LOL this is cute


Why does it matter? Dispersing words is one of the most useless occupations we can engage in. 


Oh cool! I get to see a post!!

They're rude They're just nosey They're snooping They're spying They're trolling They hate you They love you They are a secret admirer They have no life They are going to kill you

You forgot to include a NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Why do you write a post?

So people will know your views?

Because you want people to visit?

Have a nice day.

All of the above. {#basic-cool.gif}


I think you missed the most likely one - they're curious.

A more important factor was also overlooked - they're afraid of being accused of trolling. (Quick post coming.)

After I posted it, I know I could have added a few more. There's really no right or wrong answer, I just wanted to hear what everyone thinks. 

I usually take it that I didn't post something that would provoke a comment. I never blame my readers ...

I think everyone posts because they want a conversation for one reason or another. After posting this, I thought of a followup blog. There's usually not one set reason why each time we post or why we comment. 

I no longer allow anyone, who is not a friend, to comment on my site, but....Istill answered the poll, because I did, at one time allow them to comment, and they never.

So far, I have ZERO blocks.

Scary that.  One day, you will.  Like me, you'll have no choice, but to block.

The difference is... I'm no lady. AND, I have very thick skin. If they are abusive to a lady on my blogs, the most I'll do (hopefully) is delete their comment. Of course, someone will want to push the envelope.

I find that there are people who go to my profile page and people who read my blog and make no comments and none of the options fit. Maybe they are curious, maybe they just want to read what is posted, maybe they read because they can't write a blog for any number of reasons or maybe they don't want to take the time. I don't mind them reading my profile and I don't mind their reading my blog either. What I DO mind is people who make profane and nasty/hateful comments who cannot post anything of their own. These folks just seem to live to make comments about everyone else. If they really think I'm an idiot then let them write their own blog and share their "brilliance" and supposed education with everyone else rather than making profane and/or nasty comments on my blog.

I agree.... 

Ha!! I do believe you're describing a troll. They never seem to want anything more than an opportunity to criticize your thoughts. No discussing, no debate, no exchange of ideas... just criticism and foul language.

I am a Kat.......I do what Kats do

Ya know... curiosity killed the cat. {#basic-wink.gif}

I will stalk you {#black_aggressive.gif}

Image result for stalking cat

how pretty......maybe I stalk you too  {#black_quiet.gif}


Image result for stalking cat




 Hey... the second kitty is like Ana's 2 kittens.


Oh wow - didn't know. Those are so cute.
many colors and designs. I enjoy seeing them. As you know - my one friend here has a heck of a variety. About 6 I think and all so different. Hahaha
Ana may have hers in pics I cannot recall. I miss seeing her on and you two blogging. The comment you guys make to each other are fun. Hehehehe

Sorry SKIMPY, this account has one request... NONE OF YOUR FOUL LANGUAGE. GROW UP!!!

Aww SKIMPY... me? "a waste of space" ...gee, now you went and hurt my feelings. {#basic-frown.gif} Learn some new words and your comments can stand.

What gets me is................. Oh does anyone want to know what gets me?

Sure... {#rofl.gif}

What gets me is a guy (not much of a man) but guy that comes to YOUR blog knowing damn well you will spend endless time posting goofing posts on him and them as history has proved. IF he uses filthy language.
So why do it - even you have allowed readers and people to comment at will. Asking for a block but you removed the filth for sure.
What can be going on in a person's mind? Just not wanting to participate in a great conversation?  All the rest of us are having fun and not living life miserably, so why him? We are having fun here.        {#basic-laugh.gif}

The most important thing to skimpy is his freedom to be a foul pig and abuse women. Acting civilized for a minute is too much to ask of him. 

Of course I would never say anything bad about him.

It seems more than amusing though. Perhaps a 12 pack is involved or something beyond or knowledge. Mental? Yes, I definitely think mental.

...bless his heart. {#basic-cool.gif}

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.     His Heart

Image result for heart cold as ice

Image result for heart cold as ice


How about they like to read your stuff?

That's a given. Comments would be nice.

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