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When Education is Profitable

Added: Friday, June 1st 2012 at 7:44am by udontsay
Related Tags: politics, humor, cartoons, education

They're trying to eliminate Public Education and replace it with private for-profit education in many states with Rep-Tea-Con Governors & legislatures. Strange that the same people who are financing these State officials also have a major interests in "education for profit' companies in those states. Funny how that works. Here's an idea, perhaps they can rent out the students to work  locally during the school day so that they can turn a profit on them. Oh I'm sorry they're doing that now cause both the state & federal governments anti up per student attending. Ah perhaps they can due both & double dip making twice the profit on each butt.

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Charter schools are closing all over teh place--and students are testing worse than at public schools which are bad to begin with

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