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Added: Thursday, November 26th 2020 at 5:25am by udontsay
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if a President puts money before the lives of his people then it's time to become an ex-president

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worried about the richest...nobody else matters to him.

YA SURE this is why he has not collected a salary ... and money is important to our economy....................LIKE TO SEE YOU IDIOTS TRY TO LIVE WITHOUT IT.....

Good comment AKuna.

This president is not putting money before the people. I think you might mean Biden is doing that. Get it right,

he has shown zero empathy for the victims of the pandemic, he has used the office of the presidency to enrich himself and his family, he might not take a salary but he and his family has spent millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on golf trips and secret service, he has been impeached for trying to get the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival...if not for the spineless republican senators under Moscow Mitch, he would have been booted out. He is the laughing stock of the whole planet and instead of making America great again he has reduced America to the lowest bar of decency and honest while emboldening the ugliest of bigotry and racism and division in the whole country. The majority of Americans did the right thing and voted him out.  Hopefully the new administration will be able to repair the damage he's done but the office of the President of the United States will never again be respected the way it used to be.

Exactly, Maria.  You and I see the man for what he is.  I don't understand why so many are blinded into thinking he is anything but a con-artist.

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