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Added: Friday, December 6th 2019 at 4:41am by udontsay
Related Tags: politics, humor, cartoons

Will the 60% who understands the danger have the strength needed to defend the Republic?

User Comments

Yep, the idiocracy has arrived.  Not quite as bad as the movie of the same name, but give us another 4 years of this and we might just be there.

I keep waiting for trump to tell us we need to water the crops with Gatoraide because electrolites are good...

don't know if you saw this or not....but I did an article comparing "Idiocracy" to "trumpism".....basically saying they are the same thing...except he has yet  to see the "gatorade instead of water" routine.  But give him to brainwash his followers a little more...LOL



lmao, great minds think alike!

Yeap, and a lot of great minds ..or even some average minds can see trump for what he is.

whats happening is the Teaparty has won the government, we have to vote them out, all of them...

Yeah, I agree, but I am not even sure the tea party was this crazy...read my latest article...


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