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Added: Wednesday, February 20th 2019 at 4:38am by udontsay
Related Tags: politics, humor, cartoons


Dishonor -
Its not the color of your Fathers money, that makes you a hero, oh no. Instead, it is what 
is in your heart and your willingness to represent it with courage, daring and honor.

User Comments

None of these "rights" which you spoke of should be paid for by raising taxes on other citizens. Those aren't rights, BTW, just wishes by socialists!

...socialists ALWAYS use other people's money to achieve their goals. And, their ultimate goal is control of the masses by the elitists. The democrat voter's brain is held hostage by emotional bullshit like this post. 

A man iwith no honor, the Schuck, is making everybody  poorer, except the very very rich.

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