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Bloody Hands

Added: Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 3:40am by udontsay
Related Tags: politics, humor, cartoons


Bloody Hands
Why do we continue to allow this sham of a leader to orchestrate our collective death?

User Comments

What more do you want? He's advised businesses to close and for people to stay home, worked with governors to make that happen, tried to get Congress to agree to a stimulus package to help those out of work and brokered with manufacturers (e.g. Ford Motor Company) to make more respirators. He's directed the National Guard to deliver supplies and set up mobile hospital units in places hardest hit and sent hospital ships there too. But what he can't do is wave a magic wand and make this coronavirus pandemic go away. If he could, he would. 

{#apploud.gif} WELL SAID Amala!!! {#apploud.gif} Never Trumpers are INSANE!!! 

"We still are short of everything we need to save us." ...well duh, is Trump supposed to start up a manufacturing facility in the Oval Office?

You, like all liberal malcontents, are clueless as to how the real world works. 

 After the first line, everything else is directed towards uds (the dumbass).

I got that. So no worries.


bullshit! He knew about this months ago and did nothing you stupid idiot. He hasnt brokered anything,. hes lying, the automible companies said so. Quit with the fake news, turn FOX off.

and your a fucking idiot and always will be, so fucking stupid. Im surprised you csan find your way on here> Fuck nut!

The ONLY idiot here, Charlie, is YOU. You're a dyed-in-the wool imbecile who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the wall. So shut the hell up and let intelligent people speak!

lmao, why dont you attend a super church this weekend and have coffe after with all of them...

And why don't you do all of us a favor and drop dead?

after you dear lady, women first...fucking cunt!

Oh no, Chuck, you first. I insist. 

of course you would...but heres the deal, Ill be dancing on your grave...

Since when do they allow people with two left feet to dance? 

tell me, then how do you dance with 4 cloven hooves?

Fortunately, this time, the democrats were able to force trump and the republicans to actually help we the people rather than just corporations.  Also they fought and got an exterior agent to oversee the monies going to industry so that it is not just the great con-man's friends and allies getting it even that portion gotten for large businesses, hopeflly.

Wisely, the democrats didn't trust trump or the republicans to keep the madman from using the bailout as a reward for his minions and asskissers.

Not to mention that if he had paid attention to the warnings back in January, we wouldn't be where we are not.....which I realize was really the point of the post.  Sad that we are dependent to a madman with a massive ego like this.

...and they SAVED Big Bird...

That's not as bad as being dependent on al Qaeda's bosom buddy, a man of questionable lineage who fancied himself our king. 

you people are so fucking stupid, hey why dont ya'll go to one of those big megs churches on easter and get infected you fucktards

World Health Organization praises Trump's leadership in response to coronavirus pandemic

lmao, now thats pure bullshit and you know it. Dont be making bullshit up, you dont need too...youre full of it to start with

The truth is that he is the president of the United States and will be until 2024 and then we will elect another like him while most of the deep state Dems will be in prison!! LIVE WITH IT

fuck you old man, trump will be in prison and we will never have another criminal like him as president again, the people will make sure you idiots NEVER see anything like him again. You are so blinded by you hate for everything thats not exactly the way you want it you cant even see straight. Fuck off and take youre fucked up teabaggers with you.

Well looky here... FATSO >> chunky charlie << has returned... BURP

lmao, yeah, not so fat since ive lost 130 pounds, but youre still as stupid as ever...like I aways told you fuckwad, i can lose the weight but youll never lose your stupid! I have and you havent, thanks for proving that for me!

Blogster was really nice before you shuffled your slob ass in here. Why don't you go crawl back under that rock. Your 4-man click of commies are clueless. 

yeah, thought i could fuck your days up, seems its working you fuck faced piece of shit!

Wow... haven't heard that kind of juvenile language since... well, since the last time your blimp landed.

What ever made a weasely teenage toothpick punk like you were back in the day, turn into the slobbering porker burnout punk you are today? You haven't an ounce of intellect and you proudly promote that fact.

lmao, boy, dont be mirroring your faults on me...self projection isnt a pretty thing. I get it though, its all you got. Hows dumpster diving been treating you?

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