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A Coincidence -

Added: Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 4:55am by udontsay
Related Tags: politics, humor, cartoons


A Coincidence -
When you bump into a friend unexpectedly its a coincidence, but when the death of a former crony
saves your reputation then perhaps, coincidence is the wrong word.

User Comments

What I fiind hilarious is that some of the right wingers jumped on the old "Clinton" trope about them being behind  the death.

Well, as was discussed with some friends today, it is just as likely to have been trump trying to escape the connection between Mar-a-Lago and Jerry Epstein's  recruition efforts.

But "conspiracy theories" aside what we know is that whatever happened, probably suicide, it was at least partially due to this administration slashing the budgets of every department, including the prison system, in order to give the super-rich a tax cute.

I will watch the investigation, but I suspect strongly that trumps policies have more to do with it than "evil Clinton cabal".  By the way, I am told that the idea that he was "in good spirits" right before doesn't mean a lot.  Often suicidal people are happy or at least more relsxed once that decision is made.

You aren't trying to suggest Trump had Epstein bumped off, are you? What an imagination! {#rofl.gif}

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