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Inside Sheriff's Office: QUIT DWI and Cellular Field Unit

Added: Monday, September 12th 2016 at 12:15pm by tubocelot56

Typically the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to aggressive DWI observance throughout the County and also to addressing the heroin and prescription substance epidemic that affects public safety on this roadways. The Sheriff’s Office has broadened our efforts to spot and detect drug impaired drivers by giving training to approve one of our police officers as a Drug Reputation Expert (DRE). Any DRE is a police that has been certified to see the signs of drug or alcohol impairment and is able to objectively browse through an individual to make a dedication as to which group or categories of prescription drugs that person may be consuming.
Cove City Arrests is managed and maintained through the Sheriff’s Office as well as Rockland County PREVENT DWI. It provides Rockland County police organizations a mobile podium in which they may carry out field sobriety inspections and administer on-scene breath tests to individuals suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or other medications. This Van presents police officers the ability to practice subjects at the picture, thereby saving energy and money and also enabling the ability involving Clay county jail inmate search to create multiple DWI arrests in one night. The Mobile Field Model has been used successfully by the Sheriff’s Workplace and numerous police organizations for DWI Observance, resulting in countless DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED arrests and less dangerous roadways throughoutthe State.
With the continued assist of the Rockland County STOP DWI and organizations such as MADD we will remain truly dedicated to DWI observance and hope to offer a safer environment for the citizens behind the wheel.

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