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Women's Rights and Issues Concerning Pregnancy

Added: Monday, March 27th 2023 at 4:55pm by Troll2016

I'm a member of a group on Facebook named "Childfree and Loving It" and made a post about how my sister wants her tubes tied or wants a hysterectomy, but the doctor told her she's not old enough. As far as I'm concerned, if you're 18 or older you should be able to decide for yourself what to do with your own body. Some women on my post commented that they also wanted their tubes tied or hysterectomies or other forms of permanent birth control, but they said some of their doctors wouldn't do it without "spousal approval."

What is this bullshit? Is it the 1950s where women need their decisions made for them by men? I don't get this backwards ass thinking in this country. One woman went so far as to say, "I told the doctor I knew I'd be an unfit mother and he still wouldn't perform the surgery." Again, what the hell is with these doctors deciding for women what to do with their bodies?

I went in to get my vasectomy when I was 30. I thought I was going to get some pushback because I have no children but that didn't happen. I just had to sign a consent form, the doctor explained to me the surgery is meant to be permanent and if I changed my mind it's a $5000 operation. No problem there. I'm not changing my mind. Then they asked how I was going to pay for it. I told them I had my debit card on me. I think I paid $800 to have the procedure done and I was out the door.

What is it with society and this forcing women to bring life into the world? Not everyone should be parents. Some don't want to be parents. Leave it up to the individual what they want done to their bodies.

User Comments

Good question.....if you find out the answer to why so maniy iin "socieity" including the medical and political arena are so determined to impose their ideas on everybody, let me know.  I call it the simple inability to mind their own business.

"Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen is where we want our women."

yeah, never mind what the woman wants.

What's crazy is one lady in the group on Facebook said she wanted a surgery to prevent pregnancy when she was in her 20s and they said she was too young. She's now 40 and asked for it again and they said she's too old.

Yah, anything as an excuse not to provide the woman control over her own body and health.  If they use being too young, use too old...or whatever they can come up with.

it is all about control, pure and simple regardless of what they try to cover it with.

And yet they have no issue with providing an abortion if she becomes pregnant.

To put it mildly. 

It's went from a "safe legal and rare" position to "pro abortion" complete with political and corporate backing, and even parades...


Look at what happened in Florida--women have no say and I don't understand why they aren't out there raising hell and should have been when Roe Vs, Wade was being discussed to be over-turned!!!

Doctors must not be required to perform unethical procedures 

Women can catch a plane and go get sterilized in China 

Or they can get sterilized here if they wish.

There's a big difference between a tubal ligation and a hysterectomy.   One leads only to sterilization.  The other to a host of other health possibilities.  How old was this person?  If they were very young, I can understand the drs hesitancy.  People's lives and circumstances change.  And sometimes they change their minds.   When adequate birth control is available, I feel like it's reasonable to wait awhile before making it permanent.   Btw, I had my tubes tied and I do not recall anyone suggesting that my husband needed to be a part of that decision.   Perhaps it was presumed that he was.  Regardless, he didn't have to sign any papers giving 'consent'.

She was 25 at the time. She said she was tired of having periods and all sorts of other stuff, but they wouldn't do it.

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