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Family Gathering

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, March 20th 2023 at 6:31pm by Troll2016
Category: About Me > About Me > Family

Stephanie and I prepared a meal tonight for my mom, both of my mom's sisters (Vivian and Juanita) and Vivian's son Wesley and her husband Norman. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and cornbread. Vivian and Norman are in town from south Georgia to see the new baby in the family. Stephanie jokingly asked if I wanted to go see the new baby. "You're joking, right?"

"Come on. I bet she's cute!"

"I'll break up with you right now."

We had a nice dinner and some nice conversations. This was Vivian and Norman's first time meeting Stephanie. I told her to not bring up religion or politics (Stephanie's pagan. Vivian and Norman are Southern Baptists.)

I had the local news on. It's pretty much all the news I'll watch because Fox and MSNBC and all that shit are just people spouting their opinions and aren't actual news to me. Just report the news and leave your opinion out of it. I'll also watch World News Tonight with David Muir after the local news is off. I had the volume turned down and would strike up another conversation with people just so no one would be tempted to spout off their opinion about what was happening in the news.

One thing I asked to keep the conversation going was asking how Vivian and Norman's granddaughter Ashlyn enjoyed her prom. "She seemed like she had fun. We didn't meet her date or anything. Ashlyn said he's autistic. I asked, 'Well, is he driving? I didn't think autistic people could drive.'" 

Ummm ... I'm sorry. What? Do you think people on the spectrum are all just out there drooling and bed bound? I swear, the people in my family are not with the times at all. I glanced over at Stephanie with a look of, "Don't say a word."

Aside from that little hiccup things were nice with the family and Stephanie. Mom hung around a bit longer after her sisters and everyone left and it was just me and Stephanie. Mom said, "I'm so sorry about Vivian. They're off in their own little world down there in south Georgia."

"It's fine. I have people in my family like that, too."

I swear. Some people you can't take anywhere.

User Comments

She's not going with you to S.Afri ? ? ?

I would have eaten everything you served except for the collard greens. Hate them!  

I agree about the newscasters. They should leave their opinions out of it. They should be more like Walter Cronkite used to be -- stone faced, serious, giving only the facts of the matter before wishing us a good night. I don't care to sit and watch all the silly hijinks newscasters get into these days. It's like watching a bunch of college kids showing off at a frat party. 

I think that's why I like David Muir. He only gives the facts of the matter before going to the feel good "America Strong" segment of the broadcast where he shares some good that people have done in the country for other people.

I'll have to see if I can find Muir on Hulu news or Vizio free TV ... or look him up on line. He sounds like a winner.

He's on Hulu.

You do realize that Cronkite was not giving the "facts" about Vietnam until Pentagon Whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg released the now infamous "Pentagon Papers"? Prior to that, Cronkite wasn't giving you "facts", he was giving you a narrative constructed by the Government. Cronkite reported Gulf of Tonkin as factual, but it was a lie. We all know this now. The reason people don't shit all over Cronkite, and I'm not either, is because he DID speak the truth about Vietnam once he knew it and it helped end the war. Network news is nothing like it was in 1973.

If you're gonna listen to David Muir, understand he is reading a teleprompter and Disney is his boss. If you're paying attention, you should know to take anything he says with a grain of salt under those conditions. As with any news these days. But with David Muir there is a real easy way to test whether or not you think he's a real newsman. Go back and watch his interview with Trump 5 days after Trump entered the White House. Trump says some really dumb shit but that's not what people should focus on in that interview if you watch it now. What's interesting is the questions asked by David Muir. All fair questions imo, but anyone who is honest with themselves would conclude he has NOT taken the same approach with Biden. It's softball bullshit! 

You sound like you're confusing pundits & journalists too. 


@ amala Very sorry to hear your bad personal news. Condolences to everyone affected.

Cronkite was just doing his job -- reading the news as it was handed to him. And that's what I was trying to say. He wasn't silly like newscasters are today. They tittle and they tattle and laugh and make fun of things like a bunch of kids would. I don't find that charming or hip. I find their behavior disgusting and inappropriate. It isn't their job to push the Liberal agenda, or to make fun of people or to crucify Trump. I don't really give a rat's ass what their opinions are. I just want to hear about what's going on around the world. I want facts, not tomfoolery. 

Cronkite was just doing his job -- reading the news as it was handed to him

As I said, but the news was not always factual is the point. Once he knew the facts, he reported them. Good enough for me.

If you don't like what you described in news, then don't watch corporate media because you cannot escape it. The best journalism you'll find today is independent.


That was nice of you and Stephanie making a meal for everyone. Sounds like it turned out good :-)

It did! Wesley and Norman went back for seconds. Lol

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