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Excuse Me?

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, February 6th 2023 at 6:22pm by Troll2016

I've said before that I wouldn't date anyone that had kids. Granted, Stephanie has kids, but as I've mentioned her youngest is 16 so I don't have to take care of them or anything. She's never expected me to step in as a father figure, either. With that being said, I just have to mention this bullshit I just read on Facebook.

Someone posted in a comment on something that if they were to go on a date with a guy not only would they expect the guy to pay for dinner, but she expected him to pay for a babysitter as well. Excuse me, what? That man has no obligation to take care of your kids. I could understand if you two decided to be in a long-term relationship. He knew what he was signing up for then, but on a first date and you're expecting him to fork over money for the date as well as a babysitter for a child that isn't his? I'm sorry but fuck you. Do you expect him to pay next month's child support as well? How about getting the kid's dad to watch the kid that you two had together?

Not my kid, not my responsibility as far as I'm concerned.

User Comments

I agree with you!  That's asking a lot of someone who only wanted to take you out.  

The nerve of some people, right??

If I were that guy, I would have cancelled the date. Eff that!

Isn't that some bullshit??

Wow, sounds like a good way for her to remain dateless.


I would just ask how much will it cost for us to fuck? Then go spend my $ elsewhere...  


Lmao! The balls on this woman, right?


l agree with you.   How stupid is that.

Extremely. I don't know where some people get off.

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