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A Serious Question

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, October 25th 2020 at 11:12pm by Troll2016
Category: Advice Column

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

That's it, really. That's all I want to know. What in the ever-loving fuck is wrong with the whole lot of you? 

Wankers and twats.

User Comments

You mean Blogsters?

How long do you have?

Until Captain Trips wiped us out like he's supposed to, but he's taking his time with it right now.

Bill Gates favorite book

"What the fuck is wrong with you people?.."

Answer: the persistence of those who even though they've been shown-up repeatedly and brazenly persist in maligning others* who likewise persist in running circles around them.

* I'm one of those. And I may continue delving. Why wouldn't I continue exposing others? Sure, it's consider rude and impetuous and foolish and blahblahblahwhinewhinewhine but what have I to lose by it? Hmm?

Troll2016. Metalheart. Yeah, you disingenuous lot. YOU. Collectively, how many doppelgangers are you? It's a simple command, that.

This is the only Blogster account I use. THAT'S AN OATH, GOT IT, YOU FU__ING NIBBLERS?



You're making a fool of yourself, bro

I have one active account. This one!

You had your chance to explain why in your view I don't understand race issues. You didn't have what it takes, and now you're throwing a fit again.

Blahlalalalalalalalalalala   loooooooooooooooooooooooooser!

A fool of myself? And this would ever matter...how? You mean that you have presumed that I am a fool, and for your benefit, personally.

I see I'm gonna have to take the piss out of Jayyyohhh. Talking to you for hours on the phone and yet making piss-poor progress toward aiding you to get along better with others.

That rascal is in [cyber] troublllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle.

You showed me what a fool you are.

Lol sure, go ahead and chat with J...    There is no better person to use as comparison for how to engage someone, versus how the majority of you miserable fucking Blogster twats did.

You wouldn't know the first thing about my relations with Blogsters. Like so many of them, your perception is wholly hypocritical and shallow.

My bottom line with you is this. You made a claim and you can't back it up. You are a Blogster through and through...

I'd laugh in the face of any of you. Literally!

I reckon that you Troll2016 and you Metalheart truly are two distinct persons. Two males in fact.

Also, I reckon that sooner rather than later, now that I've written on this post all that I've written, for the umptimillionth time [so to speak] either Ken or Nate [somebody misbegotten or somebodies misbegotten] will come to this very post to prattle about paranoia or "the left" or "the right" or "jizz" or "swallowing" or yadaladawhoopdiepoopdie ad fucking naseum pitiful recklessness.


Why don't you two ars_clowns do something toward creating a much better and perhaps other-than-free blogging site? Hmm?

I have great capacity toward prodding others to do just that...but wherewithal for it...HA...that, I don't have. Not at present.

Perhaps ceilede does have you considered that?

Look up in the sky - It's a bird - It's a plane - no it's the point!

I'm taking the Trash-can-man's job in this. 

My life for you!

M-o-o-n spells nuke the place! 

I reckon cybercommunication most probably will get better.

If fact, since I don't personally foresee the extinguishing of a sufficient number of humans such that the present genomes or genomes truly would disappear:

Sure. Nuke the Earth. Start with the top of Bjork's head. She's weird.

You couldn't deign to respond to me? Is that what's going on? How will I ever know unless you reply. NOW THERE'S A FUCKING THOUGHT!

Hi, Troll!


Cordially, tjd

Sometimes I think that disingenuity = evil and vice-versa.

Hi, Robert!

My blog notified me that you had responded to my "?????!" If so, my post was sincere; I haven't a clue as to who, or what, Troll2016 is/was addressing in this post...


The best you can be in the science arena is dispassionate, ‘want’ or even the act of looking at an ends can corrupt your study. So what comes after is you realise that the cosmos is not a concert, not a painting, not anything that was planned but an inexorable and unstoppable unfolding of an event, it had no plan, no goal. 

People are extremely uncomfortable with that, they’ll make up all kinds of rationalisations, they’ll develop complex ritual and custom to try and give meaning or purpose to something which has none. Physics isn’t as complex as the extent of rationalisation humans will go to to justify their egocentric views. 

We are an accident, no more significant than everything else we are not able to perceive because of the mind eating vastness and complexity of the things around us. Our impact on the galaxy will be nothing, our lives inscrutably small blips in eternity and that’s even true of the things we are in awe of.

I put that on the wrong post obviously. Sorry. 

Hi, Scarly! 

Metaphysics is beyond the competency of the empirical sciences! But, you are certainly entitled to proselytize for your faith... The emprical sciences - however - presuppose an objective rational existence, along with a plethora of non-empirical conditions as they ply their discipline...

Cordially, tjd

Look I don't know if you're slow or just a cunt but I really don't care what you have to say or think, and I have tried many times to point that out. I don't agree with anything you have to say and trying to talk to you is as useful to me as a yeast infection so, yanno for the 10th time fuck off. 

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