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A Reminder this St. Patrick's Day

Added: Friday, March 17th 2023 at 6:12pm by Troll2016
Category: Advice Column

You're not Irish, you're an American with a drinking problem.

User Comments

I love "I'm Irish" as an excuse. In relation to my last name, I could serve people crappy food and say "I'm English." Or even better, because 'cox' is the shortened form of coxwain which is the pilot of a boat or a plane, I could tell people "I'M THE FUCKING BOSS SO EAT IT!!"


Would you believe I completely forgot it WAS St. Patrick's Day? I forgot my sister's birthday too. That was yesterday. 

I had two Irish coffees today: Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and coffee. My birthday is tomorrow, actually.

Looks like you and Sis both lost out on being born on St. Patrick's Day but luck of the Irish to both of you anyway. Oh, yes, and Happy Birthday! {#cake.gif}

Thanks, Amala!

{#blower2.gif}{#blower2.gif}Happy Birthday, my ol' friend!! {#blower2.gif}{#blower2.gif}


May it be your best, ever.

Love & best wishes, Dani {#giveflowers.gif}

Thank you, Dani!

Lol good one.   l am Irish and l did have a lot of green beer last night and l don't even like beer ! ! !

I had two Irish coffees yesterday and that was it. Still good though!

OMG I love it...hahahahaha

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