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Explore just about all the techniques of Edubirdie.com company through this assessment

Added: Tuesday, February 13th 2018 at 5:15am by topwritingreview
Related Tags: education, writing, reviews

College students might have a hard time making beneficial options relating to the huge niche of internet composing organizations. Considering all the challenges there are, from becoming prey to a scam, to acquiring a horrible service, it is crucial that they have a greater approach of obtaining facts than the offers to be seen on the web pages offering these options.

That's where we can aid. Having completed a wide range of relevant opinions regarding this line of business, we take pride in our excellent expertise and the approach we follow when assessing every single organization.

For each and every review article, we 1st acquire all the facts we think useful relating to the website checked out. We carefully analyze costs and guarantees, watching where they sit versus the other marketplace. Then we looked over customer ratings of Edubirdie on impartial web pages, to be able to have an idea regarding the customer experience.

The main factor is, surely, getting our own report when we are convinced the company is not fraud or scam. This is just what enables us to have a first-hand expertise.

Right away we will look at Edubirdie.com.


 Features Provided

Edubirdie focuses on a greater segment than the vast majority of rivals, whilst still paying a lot more attention to college freelance writing. Many of the selections offered are for instance articles, investigation and term articles, dissertations and some others. What's more, there are services committed to businesses (internet articles article writing).



The prices are in the typical array for the field. Within our circumstance, that supposed $14 per page for a college grade paper. As usual, we don't consider price levels by independently, but instead by the standard that they deliver. It’s the best way of examining the deal that you are getting.


Company Standard

We chose a common report, something which shouldn't have posed any specific difficulties to a decent penning firm. The 1st surprise was associated with the time of delivery: it came one day later. This was in spite of us deciding on an extremely big timeline of fourteen days for a small document on a straightforward field.

A further unsatisfying element was the copywriting standard. It was perhaps the most horrifying elements we have experienced from a website of this sort. The various and noticeable problems showed a write that wasn't pleasant in any way with the English language. This is rapidly website’s states concerning testimonials.


 User Support

The customer service was an alternative field where our practical experience was incredibly discouraging. We did not find a way to gain answers with time and requirements were mostly neglected except for we insisted. Even than, the discussion brought significantly more excuses than tips. We think it problematic to presume that there is any means of gaining a very good item produced by this firm.


Benefits and discounts

There aren't a lot benefits that we can focus on. Testimonials and blogs are missing, with all of the articles being centered on marketing plans.

Relating to lower price rates, we were just able to obtain them for users who spend a particular amount of dollars on the website. We did not acquire a promo code, neither were we able to identify regular coupons.


Final thoughts

Edubirdie doesn't get high score in any category, providing us no alternative selection but to recommend staying away from it. Our ranking is 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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