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Help for you

Added: Sunday, July 25th 2010 at 3:37pm by tomhowarth

How do i control teens?

try and understand them and think about what it was like when you were a teenager. Be lenient with them if they are having and off day it is sometimes best not to talk to them or to talk to them about the big "p"

User Comments

The fact that i am a teenager isn't how you should "control" them. But Compromising with them. The more you Try to "control" them the more there going to refuse to listen to  you.

You want an honest answer? When they reach they age of 13, they should be able to make they're own lifestyle decitions, as long as they are not harming themselves or anyone else. You should frankly tell them that you love them, regarless of the decition they make. Being a teenager is having the emotions and stress of an adult, with the limitations of a child. Its hard work. Make it easier by showing them some love, and mercy! When i was a teen, i rebelled on everything that i had a short leash on. Boyfriends, sex, if i didnt have an option, i would choose the oposize of what my parents wanted me to do. Not because i wanted to disobey, but because i wanted to make my own choices, not live the life they wanted me too. Had i really felt like i had choices, i would have made different ones. For example, my parents told me as a teen, i was aloud to drink (yeah scary i know but thats just the way i was raised). So as i teen, i became the DD for all my friends, and drank maybe 5 times max during my entire teen years. When it came to sex, obvouisly, it was forbbidden. And because i felt that my parents were excluding me from an adult choice, i chose the opposite of what they wanted, just so i could be my own person. For once, ask your teen what time do they think is a reasonable curfew, when should friends be aloud to come over, if they think its ok to have sex, drink, smoke, you name it. They are going to come up with some very interesting answers, and even if you dont agree, be suportive and loving! good luck!

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