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Why are we treating Covid-19 like the bubonic plague?

Added: Friday, September 17th 2021 at 10:14am by tjdonegan

A ball-park number of global deaths resulting from the Covid-19 virus reveals that roughly 4.7 million people (we have rounded up) have died out of a population of roughly 7.7 billion people (we have rounded down); the math indicates that 1 death per 1638 people have died globally. The global population was reduced from roughly 7.7 billion down to roughly 7.695 billion people… In a population of 10000 people roughly 6 people would die… Now globally, it is reported that thus far, there have 219 million contractions of Covid-19 resulting in 4.55 million deaths or roughly 2 people out of each 100 people contracting the disease die… Proportionately – if all of the roughly 7.7 Billion humans inhabiting the planet Earth contracted Covid-19 roughly 161 million (we rounded up)  humans would die; we note that is a large number, but not a large percentage relative to say the bubonic plague… If all humans on the planet were to contract Covid-19 the global population would be reduced from roughly 7.7 billion people to roughly 7.539 billion people…

In Europe - when the Europeans suffered the black-plague i.e., the bubonic plague – historians report between 30% - 60% percent of the European population died. For perspective, if the current global populace were to contract the bubonic plague the roughly 7.7 billion number of people breathing would be reduced; on the low side (i.e., if 70% of the population were to survive the plague) the population would be reduced to 5.39 billion people from 7.7 billion. And – on the high side - if only 40% of the global population were to survive the bubonic plague, then the global population would fall 3.08 billion people down from 7.7 billion. One contracting the bubonic plague would be 15 to 30 times more likely to die than one contracting Covid-19. Compared to the bubonic plague, Covid-19 is a walk-in-the-park! So, why are so many people – particularly those in the Government of the United States and its titular leader senescent (mentally infirm) Joe Biden - treating Covid 19 as a disease that could bring an end to the human species? What is the actual end/goal regarding the hyperbolic drama and utterances promoted by the mentally flaccid Biden, the wickedly mendacious Fauci and the perniciously despotic Pelosi?

Thomas J. Donegan




User Comments

In a word;   CONTROL

And, like Golum in pursuit of  The One Ring, They WILL have it....my precious....

Consider the many gengineered vaiants vialed-up in secret freezers and zip-drives.  How they await Their Master's plan - or a bumbler's fumble

hyperbolic drama and utterances promoted by the mentally flaccid Biden, the wickedly mendacious Fauci and the perniciously despotic Pelosi?  {#goldcup.gif}  

Because they can (very creatively) bundle all of their social projects (global warming, social justice, environmental etc...) and blame it on Covid-19 

Crisis 101

COVID PCR Tests Don't Work, WHO Admits – but Why Now?

That's a good question considering only 0.2% of Americans have died from it and about 80% of cases are mild or asymptomatic. In that respect it's kind of like the flu which makes most of us feel lousy but can kill others.

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