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What POTUS Trump ought to do regarding the 2020 election...

Added: Saturday, November 28th 2020 at 12:05am by tjdonegan

POTUS trump took an oath - as do nearly all Federal employees (particularly executive branch) and every member of the U.S. Armed Forces -  to: 'defend and protect the United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic...' If Trump believes/knows the election was fraudulent, and can prove the fraud, but cannot get State Legislatures, or Federal Judges (specifically SCOTUS) to allow a fair hearing of the evidence, then allowing Biden to assume the presidency would be tantamount to allowing hostiles to overthrow the Government of the United States! POTUS Trump is duty bound (Constitutionally bound) to act to preserve the rule-of-law which Democrats have indicated they will replace with the rule-of-might. So fi Trump knows that he won, knows that cheating gave the election to Biden and knows he can prove such claims if such claims were given thesame treatment a bank-robbery, or similar crime (most convictions before a jury are not a result of undeniable proof; rather the evidence convinces the jury that it is hard to believe the accused is innocent i.e., the preponderance of evidence points to the accused as the perpetrator...), and yet all tasked with adjudicating refuse out of fear (or some nonsense related to their historical legacy...); then Trump ought to hold a Press conference wherein he informs the Press of his intention to address the 2020 election (The Press will likely think he is conceding and will desire to cover his speech, at least initially…). So at a Nationally televised speech – thought o be a concession speech – POTUS Trump should begin by describing his oath, and indicating that it is the same oath which nearly all Federal employees take, and which all military take. His should be followed by describing the primary duty of the POTUS is to ensure that the law of the land are faithfully executed as hesegues to discussing National Security and POTUS’s responsibilities thereto… Once the Constitutional justification has been established, Trump should claim:

          “If the 2020 election was stolen, those actions constitute acts of war against the Unites States Constitution and We the People of the United States! Now ladies and gentlemen of the USA, I – along with my team – have produced a compelling case of fraud – across the fruited plains in the 2020 election, but neither State Legislatures, not Federal Courts, to include SCOTUS, will allow the evidence a fair hearing; now should I step down, I would be forsaking my duty, as the State Legislatures and the State and Federal Judges have forsaken their duties. I am here to present some of that evidence here, and to propose a remedy which will not be agreeable to those that believe Biden won the election, but we shall se howagreeable the American people believe it to be… I – POTUS Donald J. Trump – propose that the 6 contested States (Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada) either throw out mail-in ballots (since for example PA sent out 1.9 million mail-in ballots by USPS and receive 1.5 million returned via USPS, but PA counted 2.6 million mail-in ballots; thus 1.1 million ballots were counted which were not returned by USPS, but came in vans and other vehicles in the middle of the morning of November 4th…), or have those States – at least in those precincts where “funny-business” was taking place – recast their votes in person, on December ___X_____ . The voting will be in-person with ID; those which desire absentee ballots may apply, we will expedite their delivery. The Votes will be counted and tabulated beginning at 8 PM and continue without interruption until finished. Federal, State and Local law-enforcement will bein those voting precincts; the Press can be on hand, and an equal number of Republican and Democrat poll watchers will be in every precinct… The vote tallies – except for the absentee votes will be reported the next day (if the absentee ballots are necessary – if the election is close – to decide the winner in any, or all of these States, then we will need to wait…), and if a clear winner is determined then the winner will be sworn in as per usuals… Call me a tyrant - one and all  as you may like – if Joe Biden wins under these rubrics, the I will know, and you the American people will know, that he won the 2020 presidential election fair-and-square, and perhaps there will be the “healing” which Democrats claim the desire…”

Thomas J. Donegan



User Comments

Sounds good to me.

This is what is best gor the nation

Donegan, it seems like are intimating something like Marshall Law...? You - yourself - seem to be animated of a bit of spirit of despotism...? 


As it turns out 'tjd' I was thinking about using the phrase Marshall Law, but think it too alarming; if the Nation were to react favorably to POTUS Trump making such an appeal (not the Left or the Press, but the Nation) then the phrase need not be utilized, because as POTUS - he would only be seeking to ensure a "just" i.e., rule-of-law election had taken place. If Americans - under the conditions specified - voted to elect Joe Biden POTUS, the POTUS Trump - I guess - would clean up the details of his presidency (pardons, and what executive orders he may think should be implemented before he leaves; knowing they could and likely would be undone...), 'clean-out-his-desk' liquidate what assets he could of the Trump financial empire and move to a country whereby he and his family could live peacefully with minimum harassment from the wicked forces that the American people had voted to empower... But if Trump should win, he would need to utilize his Article II powers to correct - swiftly - what has gradually gone wrong in the USA over the last 150+ years (this all began in the aftermath of the Civil War...). We - as a Nation (culturally, initially singularly among the learned class...) - have been at war with the United States Constitution since the 1868 ratification of 14th Amendment... I would have covered above tjd, but I/we wrote that @ about 2:30 last night; remember dummy?

Cordially, tjd

This is as it should be. 

Most of the filing by President Trump, have been thrown out of Court without beig heard.  Haven't heard what's happened with Sidney Powell's case yet.  If I'm not mistaken, it's going through a Federal Court, and not state.

Cheers to Pennsylvainia, and Nevada.  Both have cases that will be heard next month.

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