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What conservatives/social-political Right people should write/say everywhere

Added: Friday, March 17th 2023 at 12:06pm by tjdonegan

It is pretty obvious that the election of 2020 was rigged to depose POTUS Trump and it is clear that the same methods were employed in the 2022 mid-terms. Although, there are people attempting to address/fix the sundry methods employed by the Uniparty, Deep-State social-media & State-Media et al, it is likely that those attempts will fall short. Post the 2020 election people were - more or less - mandated to avoid arguing/speaking of a stolen election; compliance - among the conservative pundits allowed those people (e.g., Tucker Carlson) to be-at-the-table, as long as their criticism was quite vague/dull. We guess that de-platforming produced a chill among conservative people working for companies that are/were coercible by Government, but those people - not beholding to a Media Network - that possess the view that the fix-was, and still-is-in should preface every discussion, every post, every comment - regarding elections of 2024 - with the confidence in the election stealing will continue, and the the Democrats and RINO Republicans will only further consolidate their power going forward, until they have enough power to simply end any pretense of self-governance by ending elections.

If the voices - on the social-political Right - become incessantly adamant in arguing that elections have become - beginning with biden's appointment - fait-accompli (e.g., Candidates like Trump and Lake can only win if the number of votes cast invalidates the election e.g., if 400 million votes are cast for POTUS, or 22 million are cast for Arizona Governor...); it may become a mantra that will awaken some Americans to begin scrutinizing things they currently do not, and it may provoke some entities in the Corporate/State-Media to make an issue of the Right's view (furthering awakening people and drawing attention to the issue)  while also embarrassing some in the State-Media to grudgingly acknowledging the appearance of skullduggery. It may not work, but it likely will not hurt...

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

How is it obvious? Because your guy didn't win? Stop living in the past.

Hi, Troll!

It would be great is 2020 was a one time thing, but it was repeated in 2022...

Maybe I should have stated that it is obvious to those that view things dispassionately; if you are aware of all - or some of the blatant incongruities (incongruities which would demand an investigation if acknowledged, as such...) which attended the presidential election, but dismiss them, it is because you are not just. If you are aware of some of the incongruities, but do are not bothered by them - because you are unjust and therefore happy with installing anyone into the presidency because you either do not regard POTUS Trump of his policies - then we argue that should you have played the Power-Ball and received the winning ticket, but a fix was in to ensure somebody else received the winnings, you would - most likely - demand an investigation. If you were told: "No investigation is warranted because you haven't any proof that you won; You petition court after court, hoping they will look at your ticket, but each appeal is refused upon procedural grounds i.e., no one that matters will acknowledge, or view your ticket. Such is analogous to Trump's treatment, and thus far the same treatment has been given Kari Lake in Arizona...

If you are not aware of the blatant incongruities which attended the 2020 presidential election, it is because the Press went with a narrative that rendered reporting the incongruities as something tantamount to heresy. That society is organized to advance the interests of the social-political Left is resultant form the dominant University view, nihilistic/materialism (such are the resultant of reducing metaphysics to a critical epistemology; such is the predicate of all ideologies and the ground of autocratic despotism); from that worldview global despotism is nearly ineluctable; this is why the COVID-19 nonsense (tantamount to a bee-sting; killing roughly the same number of people as the common-flu) was treated like it was the bubonic-plague; the plague killed 2 out of 3 people. 

Now you may not be skeptical of the establishment Press, and the U.S. Government refusing to provide answers to simple questions which attend a society on which its citizens are self-governing; and you may "feel" that coercive Government and an incurious Press is as it ought to be (Note: If so, it would be a misuse of the word "think" to describe you response, "feel" would be more apropos...), but that is because you reflect the University dominant worldview i.e., you are – likely inveterately – animated by a heterodyning of remnant Christendom (i.e., a rational/moral worldview) which has been surmounted by the sundry ideologies which are manifest from the Universities dominant weltanschauung. The University’s worldview is antithetically inimical vis-à-vis the U. S. Constitution, the Bill-of Rights and unalienable Rights as well. There are many that identify as “conservative” and social-political Right, but the reality is that – in my judgment, a judgment that I can substantiate – it is likely that fewer that 3% of Americans that identify as social-political Right/conservative actually meet the definition; most unconsciously have assimilated the insidiously dominant worldview reducing their conscious views to the ubiquitous view without any awareness that such is the case. 

Now if biden and his supporters in the Democrat and Republican Party's (i.e., the Uniparty) believed POTUS Trump was trounced by biden, they would have ordered a audit of the election just to rub TRUMP's nose in the loss; the same thing in Arizona, if Kathy Hochal believes she beat Kari Lake she would order an audit and that would end Lake's attempts to have a Court view the evidence. Any fair minded individual would cede that point! 

Cordially, tjd


Hi again, Troll!

the point of this post is that those on the Right should not argue about the past, but hold the past as prologue for the future, and assert clearly that the Democrats, and Deep-State Republicans will win nearly all - if not all - future elections, because they've hit on a means of gaming the system. As long as there are mail-in ballots - wherein nearly 95% vote Uniparty/Democrat - and other election irregularities which are not to be challenged, those on the social-political Right will lose, and lose. Eventually the Leftists will have enough power to end the need for the pretense of elections...

Cordially, tjd

@ troll Do you ask Trump's critics the same thing? Because they haven't shut up about it since 2000. 

If the left could make the same evidence backed claims being made by those challenging election integrity right now, it would be non-stop coverage all day long with a parade of useful idiots online parroting everything. 

They want people to move on from the past NOW that they've been caught. 

Hi, Anonymous!

You are spot on, and succinct!

Cordially, tjd

@ troll
@ TJ

Sorry, forgot to sign name.


I wrongly made Kathy Hochel - the New York - Governor Arizona's Governor. Kattie Hobes was appointed Arizona's Governor by the same methods that biden was appointed president.


Hi, Troll!

And one more for you; once one has embraced meaninglessness its natural concomitant is might-makes-right. Consciously - or otherwise - most in our society understand that when Government decides to do "X" is is probably not a good idea to stand in opposition, but the society is not merely organized by Government there are thr Trillion dollar hedge funds - e.g., Black-Rock - pushing for wokeism, and all things despotism. Media outlets, and Big Business fall in line with what is trulu a movement towards ubiquitous fascism i.e., you may own your company, and you will prosper if you promote our ESG's. POTUS Trump and those that cherish individual rights stand in their way, and must be CRUSHED! Now I close, acknowledging that I've oversimplified the modern societal machinations...

Cordially, tjd  

I would have thought that "Sorry for ruining the economy, society, the military, religion, the future, the planet, the integrity of law..." and I could keep going all day but the fact is every facet of America has been trashed for your egos, not even overwhelming facts vs. the bald face lies of your credo seem to bother you.This is what you should be saying, over and over "sorry we sold out to every evil imaginable and not even for silver, for our ego."

Your media and political masters have turned you into disgusting sycophants for their delusions. In the deceptively precise satire of south park "You're just a little bitch and you want to suck it" and oh brother how you love it.

Even Murdoch admitted that no lie is too perverse for the great farce that is... ya'll.



Hi, Anonymous!

I'm not able to discern whether you are addressing those that believe biden was elected president, or those that know he was appointed...? 

Cordially, tjd

Anon is a bit unhinged, no? 

Whenever someone mentions Murdoch in this way, know that you're dealing with a conquered brain through ideological subversion. That level of projection is not by mistake.

I can't generally stand Trump or Fox News, but am honest enough to admit Biden is the one who should be saying sorry - right before jail. 


There's a lot more to life than grousing about the last election. Yes, they probably cheated and, yes, Biden probably shouldn't be president. But he is and that, as they say, is THAT. So why don't we try to think about something new?

The economy went down a rat hole (typical for having a Democrat in the White House) and prices have gone to the moon, interest rates are high and the Russians are threatening to blow us to the moon and back. So why not write about some of that?

Hi, Amala!

Writing about biden occupying the Whitehouse is writing about the things you mention; whether biden is running the show, or is merely a puppet of those that installed him, it matters not. The things that you mention are intentionally being realized, and if elections continue to be shams the United States will be picked clean of any wealth it possesses (we may be bankrupt, but with the material wealth e.g., natural resouces, we possess we could become solvent once more...) and will openly be reduced to a State in a global Government (One of the benefits of the Ukraine-Russian war is the USA military arsenal is brapidly being depleted, theis aids and abets those that would like to destroy the USA's ability to defend its interests should an American Government be realized by vote or by internal forces of America ridding itself of the wicked satanic globalists...) that will decide who dies, who may live and under what conditions. 

Given that the Government - currently is inimical to the USA's survival - it would seem that wring about the things that you are concerned with would be moot points of concern...

Cordially, tjd

Maybe, but I still like reading and talking about them. {#basic-laugh.gif}

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