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The weaklings among us eschew criticism; allowing no comments...

Added: Thursday, February 13th 2020 at 10:02pm by tjdonegan

The blogster Ceilede posts an article written by Elie Mystal (The Nation's "Justice Correspondent". Take note that The Nation a priori holds objective morality to be absurd. And note further that "justice" is a moral principle, thus, Mr. Mystal's position with The Nation is absurd...); Ceilede hectors readers to "Fight Back Against Barr! Or Else We’ll Be Trapped… Forever." Ceilede advocates the embrace of anti-social policy and practices e.g., sanctuary cities (Note this simple test: Suppose we were to render all American cities sanctuary cities i.e., havens where criminals are immune to prosecution for criminal activities, what effect would be the consequence? We suggest aggregate crime - of all varieties - would dramatically rise; thus , dramatically imperilling the social order...), and - we note - anti-social conduct is generally not amenable to justice i.e., 'that which is due another.' 

The article by Mystal - at a cursory glance (it is difficult to actually read the advocacy's of the irrational...) - castigates A.G. William Barr for being law-abiding (Mystal and Ceilede confuse their feelings about A.G. Barr, POTUS Trump et al, with the actual hierarchy of American Jurisprudence...), while The Nation  - which has for generations advocated the embrace of hedonism - cannot reconcile such lifestyle conduct with objective morality which is the ground of justice... Thus, Ceilede - as Mystal - is a sentimentalist (those which condition meaning so as to accord with their inveterate i.e., uncritical, sensibilities...), and - at least it appears to be the case - that Ceilede is the type that cannot abide criticism i.e., questioning his lack of reason... Ceilede - apparently, wan fellow that he is - has plenty of company...

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

Don't criticize a Blogster... we have few left. It's so bad we even need those who only talk to themselves, all of them lol


Hi, Metal!

If one were to define "love" as "seeking the good of another,"  then it is my view, that "criticism - sans malice - is an act of love." Of course one may assert that it is malicious to call another a 'weakling,' but "sentimentalism" - which in this culture bereft of objective moral standards - is a sibling of egoism, and egoism is in fact a weakness. Part-n-parcel of the culture-of-death is that we have ruled criticism out-of-bounds - likely because we have perverted Christ's 'judge not less thee be judged' from Matthew 7 (clearly perverted because Christ commands in John : 24 " Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly." Thus, we are clearly to judge...). Were we - as a culture - to criticize justly, we would each be involved in others lives seeking to edify, and to be edified... As it is misguided and misunderstood malice - generally - dominates most activities; the sentimentally ordered - generally - cannot have empathy for those which have the hardihood of disagreeing with them... Moreover, blogster has a waning participation because people are - generally - seeking affirmation rather than truth i.e., they desire the world conform to themselves rather than be conformed to what transcends the mere transient... 

Cordially, tjd

Seems a fair assessment.  

Celide has restricted commenting to "friends only" for years.   (Possibly a response to the old flame-wars here on Blogster). Pussimulous?

Like talking to the Borg. It's sad.

If it makes you feel better I doubt the "friends" permitted to grace his comment section have anything to offer but dissonant echos and lunatic non sequitors. At some point you'd think he'd notice the like-minded were nuts, and reassess. You'd think.

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