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The lion-hearted Dick Chaney calls POTUS Trump lying coward...?

Added: Saturday, August 6th 2022 at 11:46am by tjdonegan

Dick Cheney - G.W. Bush's VP and father of the execrable Liz Cheney (The shortening of "Elizabeth" to "Liz", makes one think of a lizard, and reminds one of a considerably less attractive lizard; the lizard - played by Morena Baccarin - in the sci-fi show "V", in that she - Liz Cheney - will say and do nearly anything to maintain power while maligning POTUS Trump with cherry-picked "evidence"; she employs he father in this effort.) has made an advertisement for his daughter in which he asserts POTUS Trump "knows" he lost the 2020 presidential race, and is therefore a "coward" for lying to his voters. How does Dick Cheney know what POTUS Trump believes? It is derivative of the Leftist to characterize all things since all things are derivative contingencies of their imperious miens (Such disposition are a attending logical necessity of the a priori denial of the objective moral order)! If Cheney believed that of POTUS Trump,Cheney would have demanded - as any just-minded/souled individual would have - an audit of the 2020 election so as to demonstrate that POTUS Trump unequivocally LOST! But, alas Dick Cheney, is either too cowardly to utilize his estimable reputation to demand what any - just - individual would demand, or Cheney knows POTUS Trump was a victim of widespread systematic voter fraud and Cheney's silence demonstrates his lack of honor and that he implicitly and complicity is a liar!   


Dick Cheney - and his boss - George W. Bush were told repeatedly that they had stolen the 2000 election. If one were ask Albert Gore - and many, many Democrats - who won the 2000 election, they would argue Al Gore won; the election was made close - in Florida - by Democrat and Press (It is not a redundancy, the Press is not the Democrat Party, but only a sub-division of the Democrat Party) skullduggery. When the Press called the Florida race for Gore, Bush was up by 6% in Florida (I was watching exit polls in real-time), this resulted in a vote suppression in the western (Western Florida is predominated by retired Military Veterans; and Vets - generally know Democrats are anti-American!) time zone in Florida (polls closed in the Eastern side of Florida, as Florida is divided by 2 time zones...). So, the race was made close because many in Western Florida didn't bother to go vote since the race had been called for Gore; Bush got fewer voted than he would, andDemocrats - not as accomplished in manufacturing ballots as they are today - produced a large number of very questionable ballots which were being counted. Had SCOTUS not weighed the Florida race would have continued counting until the Democrat Party produced enough ballots to win. Democrat politicians, and Democrat Party employees, are undeclared nihilists, and will do anything whatsoever that they can do to gain power. But, as one may observe with both of the Cheney's (Dick - and daughter Elizabeth), the embrace of nihilism - and its attendant moral obduracy - isn't limited to Democrats.


Thomas J. Donegan


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Have you seen this?


Care to comment?

Hi, anonymous!

It is late, will look @ when I return from Mass tomorrow!

Thank you!

Cordially, tjd

Hi, Anonymous!

Looked at the article and then listened to Alex Jones comments/dissertation. It appears to be old information except for the portions which indicate Obama, Senator (R) Lugar, Democrats and Deep-state people acted to obtain gain-of-function regarding COVID-19 - and then used the virus and public fear - dutifully spread by the State Media - to allow mail-in ballots. The Democrats then - as Demonic-rats are wont to do - employed people to fill in ballots, and fill drop boxes with those fraudulent ballots. The Government of the United States - and all of its fail safes against such fraud, and gamesmanship, failed to stop the theft because - at bottom - representative Government presupposes a moral people, and the United States of America has systematically been conditioned to live hedonistically since early in the 20th Century. Behaviorists - funded by the Government of the US (and aided and abetted by Churches falling silent regarding how we are to live our lives) - have acted to gradually reduce Americans to extensions of their appetites. The culture has gradually been ordered so that each of us (certainly not all, but the lion-share of American) attended to enjoying the fruits which our progenitors provided, in "freedom" (material pleasures), and/or societal withdrawal by many that understood the direction our society was going was unsustainable - as a Representative Republic. This resulted in wolves ascending to all the relevant positions of societal power. At this point, what remains to be seen, are enough people awakening to take back the Government...? 

Cordially, tjd 

Dick Cheney in that video looks like his soul was sucked from his body. Must be those war crimes.


Hello, Scott!

Don't think Cheney loses any sleep over the things he's done, or advocated doing; he makes clear - by endorsing his daughter and the political assassination she is spear-heading in the January 6th committee - that he isn't familar with the requirements of justice, truth, of any superlative quality/principles. He just getting old...

Chesterton has a lengthy passage (it is a tad over a page in length), discussing sundry injustices perpetrated by various entities, under varying circumstanes, which cry out for redress - on the last page of the 2nd to last Chapter of his Eugenics and other Evils (circa 1922) - there Chesterton addresses those like Cheney (and many others) who have orchestrated many things which redound to the detriment of the innocent - we will not include the 600 - 700 word peroration, but we will cite: "They have their great campaigns and cosmopolitan systems for the regimentation of millions, and the records of science and progress, They need not be angry with us, who plead for those who will never read our words or reward our effort, even with gratitude. They need surely have no worse mood towards us thanmystification, seeing that in recalling these small things of broken hearts or homes, we are but recording what cannot be recorded; trivial tragedies that will fade faster and faster in the flux of time, cries that fail in a furious and infinite wind, wild words of despair written only upon running water; unless, indeed, as some so stubbornly and strangely say, they are somewhere cut deep into a rock, in the red granite of the wrath of God."!

Take care, Scott!

Cordially, tjd 

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