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Response to Ceilede regarding misunderstanding Trump’s concerns with voter fraud and counting votes

Added: Wednesday, October 28th 2020 at 9:37pm by tjdonegan

One must be a friend of Ceilede to respond to his/her postings (I figure he/she would be upset with things that I may indicate so I’d likely end up being blocked…?), but a glance at his/her post prompted me to respond…

Ceilede posted an article/editorial by Jake Johnson which intimated that POTUS Trump wants to discount – or toss out votes – that arrive after a particular time on November 3rd. Johnson – and we guess Ceilede – believe that POTUS Trump wants to win the presidency by cheating, but we think that such is not the case. We think that there are several things which – if considered/contemplated – make clear POTUS Trump would gladly remove himself from the Oval Office if and when his term/s are over, viz: 1.) Any clear eyed impartial judge would know that Trump – as a vain individual – would not desire to hold the presidency if he thought Americans did not desire his service. What ‘lover’ desires to force him/her self upon their beloved that desires them not? 2.) If POTUS Trump thought that he was incapable of MAGA he would have resigned his office (He obviously loves the USA for what she has been and what she can be…), but onlywilled blindness (i.e., visceral, and/or ideological, antipathy) would prevent one from acknowledging Trump was moving every measurable sector of the USA towards the goals he incessantly stated in his 2016 election bid… 3.) Trump has come to understand the inveterate dishonesty of the Press, the Democrat Party, certain members of the Republican establishment, and many in the Federal bureaucracy, and he has witnessed their coordinated efforts to impugn his motives and actions, as they also attempted various actions to remove him from office and frustrate his 2016 agenda. Trump likely believes – although he has not articulated this belief – that the corona-virus has been magnified in importance so as to harm the USA; creating the conditions whereby the Press, the Democratic Party, RINO’s and the bureaucracies could blame him for every bad thing to which they draw the public’s attention all the while refusing to credit POTUS Trump with any good news. Consequently, the election of 2020has been made as chaotic as possible so as to allow ballot-harvesting [by Democrats and Leftist ideologues] out the ying-yang, and whatever manner of cheating Democrats may imagine (people that celebrate the murder of intrauterine human-beings are despots by reflex, thus such people can be counted upon to value power above all things; lying/cheating is fine – as Harry Reid once responded to his lie regarding Romney and taxes (he claimed – a lying claim – that Romney didn’t pay his taxes) in the aftermath of the 2012 election when asked about the lie: “It worked didn’t it?” Trump knows that the Democrats care nothing for the truth, nothing for the USA, nothing for the lives of American citizens, and nothing for the U.S. Constitution, although they will claim that they do; they are able to convince – with the help of a ideologically driven Press – that they do care, but today’s Democrats care only for power! With that power they will help those that are faithful to their designs andharm those that stand in opposition. POTUS Trump – who has lost money and seen his businesses suffer without any of the trump’s managing the - as he has served the USA – is sacrificing both his and his family’s best interest – because he loves the USA and has decided to attempt to save this once great Nation! POTUS Trump does not want the snakes to game the system away from the American voter.

We suspect that Jake Johnson and Ceilede are viscerally opposed to POTUS Trump…

Thomas J. Donegan



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I'm Amala Tsering and I approve of this message. {#thumbs_up.gif}



Ceilede is deeply confused. Has a very hard time grasping reality and almost every post is some sort of projection from the collectivist left.

Ceilede might be a bot.

True, dat.

Talk about confusion at it's best.

Trump is more worried about voter fraud, then he is about those late votes.

Novemeber 2nd., is voting day, and in Nebraska, all those mail in ballots, need to be in.  Right now, they are also  allowing early voting at the Court House.  These mail in ballots, and early voting ballots, will be counted and added to those that are voting at the polls, November 2.  That's the State of Nebraska for you, and is very good to hear it!

Hi, ellie!

Voting day - officially in the USA - is Novemebr 3rd; does Nebraska - specifically - vote on November 2nd?

Cordially, tjd

No, that's when they'll be counting the ballots, so that they will be added at the same time, as the votes from the poll.  That's why they want them in on the second.

Of course there will probably be a few that will mail, or turn their ballots in on voting day, and they'll be counted after the 3rd/election. 

There were over 375 thousand ballots mailed out.  The majority have already been turned in to the County Court Houses across the state, or dropped in ballot boxes.  None of them mailed back, just dropped off, which is good.

Glad you asked and I responded, I just saw I put November 2, and not 3rd.  my bad.

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