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Response to advocacy for "assault weapons" bans

Added: Wednesday, March 29th 2023 at 6:43pm by tjdonegan
Category: News & Issues

As politicians – and Media pundits/moguls – advocate and promote banning “assault weapons” – in the wake of the transgender woman that murdered 6 Christians (3 adults and 3 9 year olds) and claim they care about children, the response should be: “The Founding Father’s knew that evil may dwell in any soul – including the souls of politicians – and the Founder’s penned the 2nd Amendment specifically with politicians in mind! The only politician that would want to disarm the American citizenry is a wolf hiding behind the mask and apparel of a sheep!

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

I mean, drugs are illegal, but people still do and sell drugs.

Hi, Troll!

I'll guess that you are arguing [please correct me if I'm in error] that removing firearms from the citizenry doesn't place firearms beyond the reach of those that seek to procure them...? If this is what you intimate, perhaps so, but less so with each passing day [Ubiquity of camera's, phones, easy access - for Government - to financial transactions and the real possibility of digital currency replacing the current system - and that Government has ordered much of the population as "willing (rat-fink) agents" of centralized control], make "black-market" purchases less likely going forward. That one may purchase - or obtain a firearm - post the realized banning all firearms (the goal of the social-political Left and Democrat Party), will be of little consequence to the aggregate society. If the biden Administration, its allies in the Republican Party, Deep-State, State-Media and of course their directors in the CCP realize their goals, one possessing a forearm, or firearms, will mount little resistance if the lion-share of the citizenry has surrendered their 2nd Amendment Right. Now if one cares only about oneself and ones immediate interests, then I guess, such will be enough for such individuals. If - however - one wants the USA to realize her former moral greatness and potentiality, then ones chances and the USA's chances are similar to ice-cubes in Hell surviving the next few moments...

Cordially, tjd

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