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Question/s for Lefties?

Added: Wednesday, October 13th 2021 at 6:30pm by tjdonegan

As Leftists most certainly universally accept that there are no absolute/objective truths – blithely unconscious of the ostensible paradox such a view presents – one wonders how it is that the most casual Leftist can trust the Leftist Press, and Leftist politicians, when whether considered in an aggregate e.g., as an organization (e.g., the DNC and/or ABC, NBC,CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC et al) and/or as individuals Leftists e.g., Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Fauci et al each Leftist group/organization and/or individual is completely free to argue in contradiction to objective reality i.e., to argue/report what it is that advances their particular interest i.e., they are free to assert/claim anything whatsoever. How is it that Leftists - such as those which post @ blogster.com – can possibly trust the assertions/claims offellow Leftists, knowing that for Leftist’s “truth” is that which affirms themselves? Or to re-state the question - borrowing from William James definition of “truth stated thusly: “Truth is whatever make one feel good” –“if truth is: ‘that which advances the interest of the utterer’, or ‘that which makes the utterer feel good’ what is it that allows the individual Leftist to defer to those who utter tales so as to serve their particular interest? Why is it that the Leftist blogster @ blogster.com do not grasp that their particular lives matter no more to Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Obama et al than do the lives of those on the social-political Right; all lives – to those on the social-political Left – have only a utilitarian value i.e., once the politicians of the social-political Left obtain the power they seek (which they acquire by beguiling sentimental/emotionally ordered Leftists such as those here @blogster.com), Hoi Pollio Leftists will be as worthless as those on thesocial-political Right to the elitist Leftists empowered by these very same Hoi Pollio… How is it that you common Leftists do not see this?

 Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

TJ, this is the easiest thing to answer. It's ideological subversion as detailed by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in his speeches in the 80s, specifically his 1984 Warning to America.

There is a reason why videos of Yuri are constantly being shared on hosting sites despite the guy being dead for over 20 years. His lectures from nearly 40 years ago are uploaded daily and why is that? Because people can now see what he  explained in 1984 as the evidence of subversion is everywhere and ongoing. 

Don't believe me? Go to youtube and search by "upload date" with his name and find me another person who falls into a similar category who is being uploaded as much? Trust me, there is none of more significance.

When a person understands this about the useful idiot leftoids, they'll start attacking the problem from the left. Too many right wing people are engaged in binary thinking where they defend their polar opposite positions as a means of countering the left and it's a waste of time. The right is always projecting their decency, reason and logic onto them and it won't work.

You can ask how is it that the common leftist cannot see it a million times TJ and you will never get an answer because when a person is a victim of brainwash, they're not capable of giving one - especially the leftoids on Blogster. Just like the rightoids here could not give sensible answers related to the War on Terror due to the psychological warfare commited against them. FEAR ruled their minds all the time, and they all agree with each other to remain comfortable. Same as the left.

There is only one group of people right now having success reaching the subverted left and it's coming from the left. It's those traditional liberals and classical liberals who are being the most effective because they're attacking from positions they once held - until the ideological subversion took hold in them. Or it's possible some never knew liberal principles, but trust me... they will NOT learn anything from people who identify as right wing. 


Yuri... {#thumbs_up.gif}

When TJ asks "How is it that you common Leftists do not see this?"

Nobody explains better why they do not see it. And you just mentioned the other side of it, academia.

We are decades behind and up shit creek without a paddle.


Academia tells the naive student that they are so much smarter than all who have come before them... so long as they embrace their brainwashing without question. 

Isn't it ironic... that useful idiots, the primary promoters of and foot soldiers for totalitarian government, are most often products of academia.
BTW... a point of interest: Academia.edu
LaunchedSeptember 2008
HeadquartersSan Francisco
Social networking website Academia.edu - Share research https://www.academia.edu
...coincidences? ...or perfect timing?

Scare the shit out of the population then... "The nine most terrifying words in the English language: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."

...it'll only cost you some of your freedoms.

I would consider what Biden said a few weeks ago to be more terrifying than that. No POTUS has ever come close to saying "Our patience is wearing thin" when speaking to Americans as if the state is our parent. Authoritarian Bag of bones Biden doesn't even know who he works for. 

Scarier is how few seemed to notice.


Well sure... Biden just added another dimension to the government helping us... by recruiting half the population and the military in order to help the non-compliant half make the right decision

The useful idiots don't see it for what it is. They don't think their time will come. 

It was a threat. I cannot remember being threatened by a POTUS before. 

The state has always used coercion and violence and now they're just admitting it. Funny how nobody wants to debate that anymore lol


...definitely a threat. 

"As Leftists most certainly universally accept that there are no absolute/objective truths ..."

That says it all...

How do common leftists not see this? 

It's the constant brown-nosings and BJs. 

Obstructs their view.


constant brown-nosings and BJs. 

Obstructs their view.

Many of TRUMP's followers know that to be true from personal experience. 

One traitor after the next added to Team Trump were given instant door prizes in the form of brown-nosings and BJ's by MAGA (and MAGA adjacent types). He said they were great, really great, and that was that. And considering what a fucking disaster that turned out to be, how obstructed is the view from the other side?

One side storms towards the finish line and the other side can't find the start line. 


lmao at your support for a totalitarian police state, though not enthusiastic about those in charge of it...

THAT is who I saw you to be over the years here. All of you Republicans have absolutely supported the construction of the police state. No knock raids, civil asset forfeiture, cops lookin like RoboCop, mass surveillance, stingray devices, incarceration for non violent drug offenses, stop & frisk, local police getting military equipment etc etc etc...   

 This is why whenever a Blogster talks about their faith, fuckin ignore it because a person who cannot speak righteously certainly cannot act righteously. 


Scott, check your meds, bud.

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