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Prison Reform

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, June 30th 2022 at 5:31pm by tjdonegan

To my knowledge, it has been awhile since Joe Arpaio has been in the News, and he claim to fame - seems - to have begun with his treatment of prisoners, viz: Arpaio housed the prisoners in tents, in the desert – where he had them work - as he fed them baloney sandwiches and prisoners didn’t care for such treatment… I think that we can go Arpaio one better, by allowing the prisoners a choice of entertainment. Such choices would consist of listening to High School bands playing the music played at high School football games an/ or rebroadcasts of the Lawrence Welk show (women from the show will be blanked out)… These not only would be their only choices, the prisoners would not be able to turn these broadcasts off until their daily sign-off (between the hours of 22:00 i.e., 10:00 p.m. and 0600 hrs.)… After several weeks of such treatment – if such treatment is not determined to be cruel and unusual – my guess is – that prisoners, upon release from prison, will seek to become  model citizens so as to never need endure such experiences, again…

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

Earplugs would be a hot item. Warden would have a corner on the market.

Without clowns like you, who would support a Government that fills prisons with nonviolent pot smokers?

Earplugs should be available to anyone that has to listen to your bullshit. 


TJ's musical regimen would be Perfect for you Scotty - try the quickie 90-day program, see what happens 

I'll stick to my regimen of Metal and truth, Lawrence. 

Who needs the torture of Lawrence Welk when you have the tortured logic of Blogsters? A better abuse would be to force people to read Blogs on this site, and they should start with you, wife and FedUp's Qanon horse shit. There is no Lawrence Welk tune in existence that would set someone straight faster than that.


Hi, 1derlander!

You - obviously - understood my post was not soberly viewing prison reform!{#basic-smile.gif}


Cordially, tjd

I purposefully ignored it, TJ. You're too fucking full of yourself.

And know this, someone talking about Welk doesn't know jack shit about what message needs said today and where it needs to be heard. Another big clue there. You'd never reach ANYONE but Boomers and older..

So, there is another thing you're wrong about TJ.


Prison reform happens by commuting the sentences of all nonviolent drug offenders w/no other charges and stop forcing this ridiculous burden on the tax payers. End the prison racket. 


Was not a sincere post! Was just - actually - poking fun at how horrible is/was the noise produced by High School bands, and how terrible was the music performed - regularly - on the Lawrence Welk program! Call me a sadist, but - to me - it-is/would-be funny as Hell, to see the tortured reactions of people that had no means of escaping such conditions... One wonders if Hell could be more torturous...?

Cordially, tjd

It'd be a lot worse to listen to metalheart's (scott's) favorite noise

Hi again, 1derlander!

But you know one of the things which made Welk so terrible was the shows adapting any tune - if popular enough - to the show's genre. One can, for example, imagine Balck Sabath's "Iron Man" with a slowed tempo, played by an orchestra and sung by a crooner. Imagine - further - what Lawrence and "Jonny" (Welk's orchestra leader, is my guess) would have done with rap "music"...  And High School band's do the same thing; it isn't hard to imagine that such is what fare is a constant  for the residents of Hades...

Cordially, tjd

@ TJ. I have no doubt you support torture. 


Says the spineless twat who couldn't name one of my top 5 bands of all time. Ain't that right, Republicunt? Too bad what I listen to wasn't on your radar otherwise you might not sound so fuckin' clueless. 


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