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Poor Biden, his head - and soul - full of ROT

Added: Friday, July 29th 2022 at 2:54pm by tjdonegan

The contemptible Joe Biden (always a punk – even though senile) seems to contradict the January 6th committee…? Doesn’t he maintain POTUS Trump is responsible for engineering a coup (Yes! An insurrection…) that was hatched on January 6th 2020? In the same speech that the fecal-headed Biden intimates POTUS Trump guilty of leading/fomenting an insurrection, he also asserts POTUS Trump hadn’t the courage to act to end/prevent the January 6th activities…? We guess that Biden’s resentment, grounded in envy* of POTUS Trump, won’t allow wicked Joe to deny himself the opportunity to publicly derogate POTUS Trump. So does Biden believe POTUS Trump is a coward, or does Biden believe POTUS Trump fomented insurrection? Someone may question Biden, but he – likely – will argue that both claims are true, irrespective of whether they seem contradictory, but then Biden cheated (Joe – always a paragon of virtue, plagiarist- Biden) his way through law school…

*Biden – we opine – is made to feel - by POTUS Trump’s deeds as businessman and president -that POTUS Trump is more of a man than he [Biden] ever was, or could ever be, even in Biden’s best horse-manure ladened fantasies of Biden heroics…

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

I'm pretty sure Biden doesn't give a fuck about the treasonus piece of shit, trumps been a joke to the world long before he left office, although in trumps rattled brain, he still thinks he is in office, apparently he is being sued for using the presadetial seal at his golf tournament this weekend. He has to lay off the adderal...

How do you sleep at night, Skip? I mean, there was not one conspiracy theory you promoted about Trump that was true. It doesn't matter who does and doesn't like him, but at least some people give a straight take. You on the other hand have believed every single lie promoted by MORONS Amod and Scene lol. You were buying peepee gate, russia gate, electric grid gate, rape gate, and every other lie cooked up by scumbag liars. 

You've never noticed the elephant in the room - which is those who provide you with your news think you're the dumbest fucker alive and the only reason (and option) for continuing to lie is in the hope that people like you will continue to believe it. 

The dumbest people on the planet right now are those who believe these lies. There are plenty of reasons to not like Trump, but for the sake of dignity, at least get a legit critique...

If you were honest and informed you would be speaking about Biden's fucked up family...  crackhead Hunter, inappropriate showers with Ashley Biden, 10% for the BiG Guy..    All of those things there is evidence for that you can see, and if it were the Trump's being implicated, you'd be slobbering all over yourself to talk about it.


So, you got all that out of my brief reply... wow. It was only afterwards reading your reply that I finally figured out that you are one of those trumpers who fall into the don't believe what you see or hear, but what I tell you followers. 

No, I got all of that out of reading your posts and comments here on this site during Trump's admin. What did I get wrong?

The "you believe what Trump told you to believe" narrative doesn't hold water since I think he's a war criminal. 

The issue here is that you believe so many debunked conspiracy theories about Trump and never cared that you were lied to. In a sane world you'd despise those propagandist scumbags more than you hate Trump.


Hello, jjohnson1957! 

Scott seems to know you – don’t necessarily mean that he knows you personally (although he may know you personally…?) – but, he does seem to have identified you are of abysmal character; it appears that you – in self-loathing, inveterate manner – may have ascribe/prescribed to POTUS Trump - the character traits which animate jjohnson1957…? Now of course, it is possible that I could be wrong, but that you are not “just” is made evident by the fact that you write/speak for the “world” (I am wrong – of course – if the “world” has contacted and so informed you…!) vis-à-vis their view of POTUS Trump. Moreover, you lack of “justice” is underscored by asserting POTUS Trump is “treasonous”. If POTUS Trump has/had committed any violation of law, they wouldn’t have had 2 unsuccessful impeachments – the spineless Republicans would have put him on trial for even a shadow of actionable law-breaking – and the unconstitutional January 6th committee – wouldn’t exist, but rather a Department of “Justice” (the Department clearly operates on at least 2 levels – like you jjohnson 1957 – one standard for Democrats and its friends on the Left, and another standard for its enemies; bye-the-by, that is known as pre-Socratic justice! Always like to attempt to edify the sentimentalist when presented an opportunity, jj!) investigation and prosecution would take place. The Department may go after POTUS Trump, but - in discovery – the Department will see/acknowledge it hasn’t any case whatsoever; Trump has been given –legal – anal exam, after anal exam – and those examining haven’t been able to find a thing.

Now – in fairness to you jj – I will acknowledge that you animistic tendentiousness vis-à-vis POTUS Trump seems to have foundation in all that is reported of him be the State Media, but that the State Media is unworthy of even a bit of trust should be abundantly clear to any that understand the function of the Press, and understand human nature; the Press’ is tasked with guarding Constitutional Liberties by informing the citizenry of any potential skullduggery of Government. Even the most dimwitted American should have been awaken – though the Obama, Trump and now Biden Administrations - to the reality that the Press, is actually a State (Or Corporate – as Scott, says) Press. They serve the interests of Government over WE THE PEOPLE. That you jj seem to be oblivious – to what polls show all but a handful of Americans understand about the relation between the Democrat Party and the mainstream “Press” would seem to indicate either A.) You are exceptionally stupid, B.) You are animated by the same wicked worldview which informs the social-political Leftists ideologues (a phrase laced with redundancies) or C.) Both, A & B …?

Cordially, tjd

why are your comment replies almost always longer than the original post? I really don't read them... just too much bullshit to sort out.

Hi, jj!

What was I thinking? Some people - like you - only trade in articulted emotions; reason is lost on them!

Cordially, tjd

Trump lost, he couldn't deal with it just like you can't deal shit headed indeed. {#popc1.gif}

Still no friends scotty?

Hello, anonymous!

            Trump - likely - received 50 million, or more, legitimate votes than Biden (My guess is that POTUS Trump - likely- received roughly 100 - 110 million votes, and Biden roughly 40 -60 million votes...), but then a vote needs to be legitimately counted, but was not! The current system was rigged - the rigging has taken place - like everything else in our trans-valued* Nation gradually/systematically over the last 150+ years (beginning with 1868 ratification of the 14th Amendment) - so as to ensure that legitimate votes could be destroyed, altered to favor Biden, and many millions of illegitimate votes - too - were allowed to be counted, because the social-political Left has managed to corrupt nearly all institution. And as consequence, when the counting was done, Biden received more votes - the lion-share undeniably illegitimate.

            * Transvaluation is a Nietzschean concept manifest by the organic exchange of Christendom [as dominant worldview] for its antithesis worldview; thus - for example - the concept of "justice" has been turned upon it head, as Nietzsche - out of the mouth of Zarathustra - proclaimed "I stand Plato on his head".

            Every rational/moral person - anonymous - would demand an audit of the 2020 election; might-makes-right argues that scrutiny is completely unnecessary! And a legitimate, rule-of-law Government, and both Parties - especially the "victorious" Party would act to establish the election as legitimate by such an audit! If their was an audit, the losers could be shown - to all - that they were sore-losers; anyone confident in their legitimate victory would demand an audit as well; so too would any just individual demand an audit! That you do not desire such an audit - anonymous - is testimonial to your delight in injustice! Saint Paul - chapter 1 of Romans - prophetically describes you, and millions like you anonymousl!

Cordially, tjd

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