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Mike Pence and history

Added: Tuesday, March 14th 2023 at 6:42pm by tjdonegan

Mike Pence claims POTUS Trump is responsible for the happenstances of January 6, 2020, and 'history will hold him (POTUS Trump) accountable'. In my view Pence lacks a spine, and should seek to run - in 2024 - as biden's VP!

Thomas J. Donegan 


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I was against Mike Pence as my Representative, against him as my Governor, and damn sure against him as Donald Trump's running mate pick. He was the most obvious fraud from day 1 and the only reason he got elected to anything is because there are too many idiot Hoosiers. 

Pence lacks more than a spine TJ. 


Hi, Scott!

Agreed! Pense seems to wear the facade of a Christian - like George W. Bush - but publicly makes a show for support of "this" and "that" as expedients, and publicly opposes those things that too promote support among a base. His dishonesty - regarding January 6th - allows those that "see" to see behind his fashioned mask; he is an execrable fellow!

Cordially, tjd 

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