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Managed Football/sports & the 2022 Midterm elections

Added: Sunday, October 24th 2021 at 4:35pm by tjdonegan

Note: Once upon a time this writer was a sports nut! 

In week 13 (game 13) of the 2007 NFL season, the 4-8  Baltimore Ravens squared off with the undefeated 12 New England Patriots; as the teams approached the 2-minute warning the Ravens lead the game by a score of 24-20. The Patriots were 4th and 1 @ the 20 and the chose a running play; the Ravens stuffed the play in the back-field for a loss. Game over; the Ravens win delivering the Patriots their first loss, but wait the NFL wasn’t satisfied with that outcome! A Patriot defensive coordinator called a time-out (not allowed) after the play had begun (not allowed), but the NFL honored the time-out and allowed the Patriots to play the down over, 3 more times!!!! Yes, they called penalties on Ravens – to justify the injustices – and the game ended with the Patriots winning, but #55 outside linebacker Terrell Suggs – righteously incensed big-mouth – would not let the NFL get away with thetheft unscathed! He made it known that the NFL had 3 time placed its foot on the scale in the last 2 minutes to favor the Patriots over the Ravens; in doing so Suggs’ brought to wakefulness many a habitually somnolent football “fan”, and the NFL was oh, so aware that people were asking: “Is the NFL attempting to been the rules to assist the Patriots to an undefeated season?” The NFL commissioner – Rodger Goodell is reported to have been overheard vacillate between a mumble and scream - for days, running into weeks – “DAMN THAT DAMN SUGGS! DAMN that SUGGS!” Terrell SUGGS managed to have the panels of broadcasters – comprise mainly of former NFL players – to discuss this topic during Super- bowl week… And Goodell was bruited to have been overheard in a chanted jeremiad: “DAMN THAT TERRELL SUGGS AND DAMN HIS BIG-LOUD-MOUTH!!!!!” Well, the NFL – given viewers were awaken to the possibility of a bad call here, and a bad call there – each favoring the Patriots – had to call the game aboutas straight as can be! And the better team, 8 Sundays out of 10 Sundays – the 12-7 New York Giants beat the 19-0 New England Patriots! Terrell Suggs – the righteously-honest, justifiable-incensed OLB of the 5-11 Baltimore Ravens prevented a travesty of justice; such has been the increasingly affected condition of professional sports - lo these last 30+ years; such reflects the ubiquity of the culture-of-death. Having gradually begun to come to this awareness in the late 1980’s, this writer could watch – but not listen [broadcaster’s incessant lying is more than a sapient entity should have to endure…] – to professional sporting events, but in the last 7-8 years we have come to find- intolerable - such managed events…

As the 2022 election nears, Joe Biden, his side-kick VP and Democrat Congress are doing damn near whatever they so desire, and the USA is getting poorer, weaker, more dependent upon the Chinese and other countries that have historically been our enemies i.e., we have gone from energy independence to dependence, from a booming economy to one in rapid contraction, inflation is just beginning to be felt across the fruited plain, the Government is treating its citizens as a conquered people vis-à-vis COVID-19 (Slavery is historically a by-product of one nation conquering another; interesting that the Democrat Party – the Party of Slavery - is treating a free people – the American citizenry – as if they are chattel (property/slaves); mandating activities rather than allowing citizens to exercise their God-given Rights, and there are so many more egregious activities with which the Democrats and the president are zealously occupied to theaggravation of the polity – to include a sizable and growing portion of Biden/Democrat voters/supporters. The 2022 election – given the horrific policies which Biden & Co. are enacting – looks to be a bloodbath for the Democrat Party, and – thus far – the Press hasn’t laid a sufficiently malignant predicate to blame the Republicans – as is their wont, and as they did with POTUS Trump from 2015 to the present. Given that, the smart money would argue that the Republicans will win, and win big in 2022…

But, what about cheating…? What about the Press, the Federal & State bureaucracies, the Democrat Party and neo-‘conservatives’ working together to frustrate the American Voter, and in 20201? Can’t that happen again? Yes, but such a happenstance is highly unlikely! Why? Voters haven’t been conditioned to believe the open Southern borders, increasing energy prices, inflation, increasing costs of all variety of goods and services along with shortages of X, Y & Z, thug-Government tactics, Government disfavoring wide swaths of common citizens because they happen to occupy traditional lives, and the list goes on. One of the manifestation of these actions and activities is Americans are vocalizing their disfavor with such volume that the president is being apprised of the public’s view of him if he tunes into a broadcast sporting event ; Ithink the Chant is: “Let’s Go Brandon…” although it sounds considerably different if one actually listens to the chants… So the public is making it clear that they are unhappy with the direction the Nation is being directed by Biden and Democrats…

1 Did POTUS Trump win 50 States and win by a margin of 15-25 million votes? Nobody knows because the Courts refused, absolutely refused to consider looking at any evidence of fraud whatsoever!!!!!!! Word on the street is – ‘…the Justices liked breathing, and is also reported that the sundry Justices favor that their families continue in good health…’ Whatever that means…? 

Many voters that – formerly – thought Biden may have actually won the election (the Press maligned, mischaracterized and outright lied continuously about POTUS Trump, maybe he did lose they reasoned: ‘Yes, he is popular among his followers, but unpopular among so many others…’) are reported to have changed their minds – even among those that voted for Biden, so what will be the response of an angry citizenry (things will be getting worse rather than better by the election of 2022, Biden’s and Democrat policies guarantee such!!!!!!!!!!), if these angry voters perceive that they have been cheated – to their palpably obvious detriment – again? Have the attempt to audit the vote in Arizona and other places – along with all the suspicious activity related to 2020 election – become tantamount equivalents to Terrell Suggs and the NFL…? If so, such actions (perceived cheating) – if thought/believed by voters, true (i.e., if voters in 2022 expecthuge Republican gains, and witness Democrat gains) – represent lawlessness in the minds of the electorate; what remedy – if any - did the Founding Fathers include in the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments to deal with lawless Government? I leave the reader to answer… Would not envy reporters, or politicians under such conditions… Another – related topic – of some interest, is: “Given the 2022 elections look to bode terribly for the Democratic Party – if one were a incumbent Democrat, and given that the election may produce an uncontrollably angered response from the electorate – if they believe they have been cheated – why would one risk running for re-election if one could retire and “get-the-Hell-out-of Dodge” before Earp, Holliday & Co. commence their cleaning? Something to anticipate – I would think with considerable dread - if one is thought – by an increasingly angered American electorate - to be at all responsible for thedirection the USA is tacking…

Thomas J. Donegan



User Comments

One may want to keep a fair amount of popcorn on hand...!


Mid-Term, and I'm not even sure I want to vote!!  A new Governor is to be voted in, and I don't know a thing about the ones running, they've been as quiet as a door mouse!!

Hello, ellie!

Well, although I have big problems with the wishy-washy weakling Republican Party - I'm neither Republican nor Democrat - I would advise all peope, under damn near any condition, to always vote Republican if the alternative is Democrat! Democrats - no matter how they present themselves - work tirelessly to subvert the rule-of-law, justice, the Constitution of the United States and anything which may advance the Good; dispositionally, Democrats are opposed to God; any advocacy the the Democratic Party proposes -under the guise of assisiting the disenfranchised, or ameliorating human existence is a offered to beguile the morally ignorant into believing Democrats actually desire to improve peoples lives. Democrats - seeming nearly all of them (with perhaps an exception or two) - are obdurately wicked!

Cordially, tjd

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