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Inflation and its causes

Added: Saturday, October 23rd 2021 at 6:51am by tjdonegan

As much as the Leftist Press, and the Leftist Government, may attempt to deflect from what may be the cause of inflation, inflation has one fundamental cause viz: the expansion of the money supply a.k.a., Government spending money without a commensurate increase of goods, and services; and a number of secondary causes to wit:  1.) Government officials/politicians spending money - as we have witnessed Biden-and-the-Democrats1, 2 & 3 (and what Republicans have assisted) – and 2.) a compliant Press & pundit (economists/experts) corps that reports the prestidigitationous lies uttered by politicians and their surrogates (i.e., Press Secretaries e.g., Jenn Psaki) and finally 3.) an wide swath of blithely ignorant Americans that voted (i.e., empowered lawlessness) for thewicked individual politicians  – and their wicked attending minions (Congress, its staff and its supporting bureaucracies…) - calling the shots. Biden – and the demonic Democrats – are responding to a severe economic contraction – of their making – by expanding the money-supply as the seek to increase taxation upon those that produce the lion-share of goods and services. Biden is fashioning a perfect storm for economic calamity! Unfortunately, not only the wickedly ignorant people that support his insufferable-ass will suffer the consequences of his infuriatingly wickedly stupid actions; were that it could be so! If such were the case, those which would be exempt - from the Biden economic and social morass -would actually enjoy it…

1To be fair, inflation is a natural byproduct of the Bull Moose Platform - ratified in 1913 – where the Government of the United States decided that it should no longer manage its money supply – via the printing of U. S. Treasury notes, but favored paying a quasi-independent organization of Banks i.e., Federal Reserve Banks to manage the supply of money (advantage to politicians? One cannot invest in the U.S. Treasury, but one may invest in the Federal Reserve Banks and their activities, and such investments have the added advantage of being informed about Federal Government activities; but of course the investments must be done through 3rd Parties so as to avoid “insider-trading”…) and where the United States Constitution wastwice Amended by the 16th Amendment (i.e., income taxes) and the 17th Amendment (i.e., the placing of U.S. Senators under the power of their respective States citizens rather than the State Legislatures i.e., their election – by a popular vote of ignoramuses (citizens of the State) - of U.S. Senators rather than the Senators appointment by State Legislatures - informed as fiduciaries with the concern for the State’s finite resources. Inflation – generally – is limited by cooperation of the Federal Reserve Chairpersons and quasi-responsible Government; such limitation attempts to track the money supply with the expansion/contraction of the production of goods-and-services i.e., economic growth and its opposite.

2Again, to be fair, had POTUS Trump been re-elected, he – likely - would have had to combat some measure – likely very small – of inflation for a short while as his economy roared back to life; he would still have had to expand the “economic-pie” significantly to offset all the wasted resources which accompanied the economic shut-down. Moreover, an expanding money supply is – practically - “baked-in” to the Federal Reserve Act because the Senate is elected by us citizens and with the tax-code – a hostage of the Federal Government, thanks again to the 17th Amendment – it is nearly impossible to maintain a fiscally tight money policy.

3 Repealing the Bull-Moose Platform would dramatically – overnight ameliorate the relation between the Government of the United States and its electorate…

 Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

End the FED! 


Hi, Scott!

Repealing the Bull Moose Platform would end the Fed, and re-establish States rights - placing them beyond the Federal Courts except in those instances where a majority of States agreed with the Federal Government; post the repeal of the Bull Moose Platform, the States would likely realize a sustained antipathy for the Federal Government, as would the American people...

Cordially, tjd

I'm all for it TJ :)


You're delusional.

Hi, Anonymous!

What an absolutely devastating rejoinder! I don't know if I've ever been so thoroughly refuted! You must be an absolute genious private Gump...!

Cordially, tjd

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