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Why the Impeachment of POTUS Trump will not result in Republican Retaliation

Added: Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 at 8:21pm by tjdonegan
Related Tags: impeachment, media

Many in the Republican Party (e.g., Republican committee leaders) and many on the social-political Right (pundits and former bureaucrats from the FBI, CIA and/or Department of Justice) claim that the disregard the Democrats are showing for due-process vis-à-vis the impeachment of POTUS Trump will suffer payback when the POTUS is Democrat and the Congress is dominated by Republicans.

Why this is not plausible has to do with the Press, the bureaucracy and the dispositions of Republicans; Republicans – habitually – are concerned with the opinion of the Press, and their Democrat colleagues; Democrats – if one sees behind their masks – care not at all about what Republicans think of Democratic political conduct; Democrats keep Republicans closer because they are enemies, but Democrats are quite happy if Republicans deluded themselves into believing Democrats have any regard for Republicans, political process, or even the Law, and this is because the Press and the dominant cultural view is on the side of the Democrats and the Democratic Party. Consequentially, the Press provides whatever cover they can muster for untoward Democrat actions (e.g., the Press – if they are able – will cover-up any crime, even murder, to assist Democrat and Democrat policy advancement), but will savage Republican ‘jay-walking’ - as if tolerating such willresult in the end oftheRepublic.

Thus, if the conditions should ever develop whereby Republicans should like to impeach a Democrat President, Republicans should count upon being vilified by the Press, by the entertainment industry, and an uncooperative Democrat Party, just as such took place in the 1990 when POTUS Clinton was indicted on 11 counts of law violations. The Republican Senate (Senate Majority leader Trent Lott (R) and Tom Daschle (D) minority leader met wit POTUS WJC during Christmas break to discuss the dismissal of charges, as reported by Washington Post reporter Robert Novak) didn’t even bother prosecution because they knew the deck was stacked against them, even though Clinton was guilty as hell…

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

I Think that the "payback" will happen at the polls next November! The voters themselves will bring justice.

Are Repubs preparing for massive voter fraud?  Surely that's in the Dem's cards...

A distinct possibility.

Hi, nomads!

Hopefully voters will toss a gang of Dems and RINO's, but some of the worst are insulated by their districts and States which are teeming with people like themselves...

Cordially, tjd

Hi, FedUp!

You would hope and think that Trump would make sure his Government is prepared to thwart Democrat efforts; of course it appears that the bureaucracy is full of Democrat zealots hiding behind facades of objectivity...

Cordially, tjd

I follow FOX News and they are very friendly to Trump, CNN on the otherhand reminds me of FOX News when Obama was president. There are no neutral press. They all have their biases. Trump has brought a lot of this on himself though.


Hi, Writer!


Fox took it easy on Obama, but they looked to be hard on him, because all the other News outlets were trying to out perform each other in kissing Obama's ass!


Fox is not "middle -of-the-road," or conservative; they are Left of center, but by comparison with the other major News outlets, they seem center-Right. Fox shades the truth upon many topics in deference to the mainstream cultural sentiments. Clear examples of Fox refusing to clearly articulate the truth - because the mainstream culture could not have digested it and they would get such blow-back, we offer just 2, but many more could be articulated; 1.)Hillary Clinton was a prima-facie felon running for POTUS, but Fox refused to make that clear and easy case. Hillary - as per statute - was guilty on National Security violations, but Fox - like all the other outlets allowed they myth be uttered that her guilt hadn't yet been determined. The law specifies neither ignorance nor intent are exculpatory... 2.) Fox is currently playing along with the coup taking place in DC right now under the title: "Impeachment Inquiry." An impeachment inquiry cannot take place until the House votes for that inquiry; by Fox not incessantly making such a claim, they lend the appearance of legitimacy to the coup... Again, Fox allows Hannity, Ingraham, Tucker and others to provide some balance, but the Network is still Left-of-center, and Hannity, Ingraham, Tucker and company are neutered conservatives; if they were to articulate unabashed truth on so many issues, Fox would broom them...


Cordially, tjd 

I say let the democrats keep it up and go all the way. What they are doing is unconstitutional as the House of Representatives has the authority to conduct the investigation into impeachment. The democrats unconstitutionally conjured up a committee to do this and it has no, Nada, zero authority to do so. Therefore this committee, their inquiries, findings and any actions may be ignored.

If they want to pursue this and unconstitutionally try Trump (and find him guilty of course) then that would have no binding effect. BUT it would be a clear act of treason punishable by death...

who would they get to unset him, ATIFA... lol bring int he Marines!! 

Bring it! Bring it!

All the spineless Republicans want is for the media to pat them on the back. They just wanna be part of the club like the Democrats.

Have to agree with you! If they really cared about the Republic or what is left of it, they would be standing in force DEMANDING that it be done as defined in our US Constitution. 

Unlike the devoted partisan hacks on Blogster, I have zero faith in Republicans to stand with Trump or the Constitution. I don't trust them one bit.

I agree 100% 

The  problem is that the people do not care what the parties think as they voted in Trump with any help form the Republican Party. They (both parties) as scratching their heads trying to get around this but they can't. 

The actual good coming out of all this is seeing who is a stand up guy and who is not. Like Giuliani and Judge Napolitano - I would have thought that the Napolitano would have been the stand up and Giuliani would have gone withe the DC flow - boy did I get that one wrong. 

They way I figure it the harder they fight against Trump the more they have to loose. 


"They way I figure it the harder they fight against Trump the more they have to lose. "

And thereby, the more we learn about what's really going on.


one side is spineless, the other = fools

Hi, FedUp!

ALthough I agree that the Republicans are spineless, I'm more inclined to think the Demonic-rats are demonic rats; they are wicked to core!

Cordially, tjd

"...demonic rats; they are wicked to core! "

They're like I was before God got me.

In my view nowadays: ALL humans are working either more for Evil or more for Good...that is, more for Satan or more for Almighty God.

I'm simple.  It's pretty black n white for me.  And, that well informs me  about who's where on that continuum.

In the end the wicked will be seen as having lived as fools...

Hello, FedUp!

I wholeheartedly agree with your claim that we are working to advance good (i.e., the Kingdom of God) or for evil (in opposition to God's Will)... Although, many - most - that are working to advance wickedness are doing so unconsciously; Christ left his Church with a mission, but much of the Church has tacitly rejected that mission i.e., they too have become blind to wickedness, thus they 'look, but do not see,' and 'listen, but do not hear.'

Cordially, tjd

I totally agree.

I wrote this as a comment on the 14th at US2Nomads:

Satan has been busy, and successfully so.

FACT: In this Age Of Grace, Born-Agains have been God's intended method for containing evils. 

But Born-Agains & their leaders have been seduced by the world/flesh/devil and have not done their commanded due diligence.  This alone (ALONE!) is the cause of the dramatic shift of USA culture to immoralities of every kind, ...all of that buoyed-up by Christianity's steadily increasing lukewarmness and now its concomitant (but prophesied) apostasies.

Get a clue, Born-Agains, our USA's saving by the Mr. Trump era, whether short or long, will be determined in the spiritual realms.

The 2-part question for each Born-Again is: "Will I earnestly find and stop my every sin ...to the best of my & The Spirit's ability, AND, will I repentedly humble myself before the mighty hand of God so that can happen ---all so that righteousness and its benefits can reign once again in this once great USA?

The lack of this alone, which is, alone, on the heads of the Born-Agains and their leaders, is the only both spiritual and practical solution.


Hi, FedUp!

Although, I agree with your sentiment, Christianity - denominational, and Catholicism - presupposes an objective order; the University - from whence the cultural principles, andthe culture itself is derived - was philosophically 'turned upside-down' roughly 230 years ago, resulting in the gradual displacement of an objective worldview with subjective worldviews (as many worldviews as their are individuals...), which results with Christians - even Born Again/Evangelicals - often not being able agree upon basic tenets. St Paul - in Romans 1: 17-32 intimates the meaning of objective reality, viz: existence pointing to God's Law/intent whereby even the pagan are held responsible to give deference; that deference should be understood as humility, viz: the incessant desire to know and live the truth, which is: God's Will. Christianity removed from an objective context - like the U.S. Constitution removed from the same context - result in reflecting the subjective consciousness driven by unregulated appetites (as consequence of the cultural milieu)... All of which means that many which may utter the words of Jesus Christ, unconsciously place another god (the one which looks at them in a mirror) before the Lord. This is why such can neither 'see, nor hear' irrespective of how much they claim to do so...

Cordially, tjd

I do not agree.

Both biblically & personally speaking, I know that one can, humble before the Spirit, shed one's wickednesses for short periods ...in order to pray aright.

Do you live in the NE US?  We should meet.

Hello again, FedUp!

Many times disagreement are overcome by an individual clearly stating what it is they find disagreeable, as it is you've left me no indication as to what it is you find objectionable... Additionally, I may have been clearer that what I was, so it may be that my articulation needs to be amended/re-stated...? If you state your disagreement/s perhaps I can address them...?

Cordially, tjd

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