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Hillary Clinton fears strong women

Added: Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 at 5:05pm by tjdonegan


The fetid and execrable Hillary Clinton has intimated that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset/agent (Gabbard is Democrat House of Representative member representing Hawaii’s 2nd district; she is also a major in the Hawaiian National Guard, and served in Iraq…); Hillary has also labeled Jill Stein to be a Russian agent (Stein was the 2016 Green Party candidate for POTUS; Hillary holds Ms. Stein’s run for POTUS to be one of the 3,456,783 reasons that she lost to the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump…). Recently, the deplorable Hillary Clinton – she who owes her prominence to being William Jefferson Clinton’s wife – backed out of a the “Fortune Most Power Woman Summit” because Congresswoman Gabbard will be speaking at the conference, and Ms. Gabbard – in a response to Hillary impugning Tulsi’s character - made it clear that she hasn’t the regard and deference - for Hillary – which Ms. Clinton is accustomed.  


Although I am neither a Republican nor Democrat, I can’t imagine ever voting for any Democrat – given their Party platform is antichrist, and anti-American – but Tulsi Gabbard – as a human being – seems genuinely possessed of an integrity which is beyond Clinton’s comprehension; Gabbard – self-made (Gabbard won her Congressional seat without standing upon the coattails-of-her-husband) and confident (Hillary lied when she claimed she was in a hot combat zone as Obama’s Secretary of State; Tulsi Gabbard was in combat …) – would make Hillary look weak in a tête-à-tête. We think Hillary backed out of the conference – claiming scheduling problems – because she is afraid of strong women…


Thomas J. Donegan



User Comments

Yes, she's a wuss and a sad, fumbling, narcissist, spoiled-brat Dem

Tulsi is basically running on a pre 9/11 GOP foreign policy - before the Neocon infestation and ensuing disasters. I find that all funny as hell.

The interventionist clique is being exposed for the profit racket it is.

If Tulsi was pro war... the establishment would have their ideal candidate for the Warfare/Welfare State they desire. But she's gonna get the Ron Paul treatment.

It's so obvious what you're not allowed to criticize these days.

Hi, Max!

Agree with you!

Lotsa money (Trillions) is being diverted from where it was intended to go; that is why Trump must go, and Gabbard too - at least vis-a-vis the utilization of the Military and conducting foreign policy... 

Cordially, tjd

In the mix of things in the Democrat primary, Tulsi doesn't stand a chance of winning the nomination so I was surprised The witch attacked her. Bill must have said Tulsi was hot... Tulsi is the only on that seems to have a likable personality out of the group of comrades. 

Ha!!! Yeah, why else would Killery target her?

Hello, drDrjojo!

Tulsi is likeable because she is human! A guess is that the U.S. Military tends to impute humility to its members; she can relate to common folks... Bill may have made a pass at Tulsi, but It is more likely that Hillary wants to run in 2020 and wants to clear the field of 3rd Party challengers; it appears that she really does believe that Jill Stein prevented her victory, as Gabbard would if history were to be repeated. Trump seems to be a much stronger candidate in 2020 than he was in 2016, so Hillary likely won't ever need to worry about such a development, and she is a much more unattractive candidate today than she was yesterday, and with each passing day she seems to /melt/decay a bit more... 

Cordially, tjd

If Hillary's going to jump into the race, she doesn't have much time left to get her paperwork done for all of the primaries... and waiting this long will tick off some of those who have been campaigning hard while she sat on her thrown. 

I also agree with you and Max about her.. 

I was a Hillary supporter before I woke up and saw her and the Democrats for what they are in 2008. 🥳😎

Hi, Nate!

Didn't mention this before, but according to one of Hillary's associates (Larry Nichols or it may be spelled 'Nickles') from back in Arkansas, Hillary preferred women to men; Larry claimed that Hillary was more grieved by Bill wanting to get close to her partners, than Bill's unfaithfulness. Nichols claimed that Hillary threw a lamp @ Bill when he tried to make a threesome what Hillary was involved in i.e., he tried to get into bed with Hillary and another woman (there was a Media report - while they were in the White House - that a lamp was broken; Nichols claimed he had the inside information...)... Perhaps, Nichols is off-the-mark, but Nichols claims that their relationship is about power, not love or physical attraction; Nichols claims their marriage is of convenience and open, and that they hide that so as to advance their power behind the facade (marketted facade) of a troubled/tested, but ultimately working marriage of devotion...

But Nichols may be all wet...?

Cordially, tjd

Hello again, Dr.!

I'm relying upon others claims to she may get in, but she has plenty of name recognition, so she must believe that she would immediately be the leading candidate, but she may have a bit of inflated view of herself...? Warren, Sanders, Biden would all likely show Hillary 'bared-teeth' unlike  their deference in 2016...? Word is she has come up with what she bieves will be a winning slogan, viz: "Are you worse off than you were 4 years ago?"{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}

Cordially, tjd 

Yes, I hearing the same chatter about the possibility of Hillary trying for the THIRD time to be President-Queen-Dictator-Overlord... she does have a big backing, but so do the ones that have the guts to call themselves Socialist. They all want to beat Trump but if Hillary thinks it will be a cakewalk, she's wrong. She did Bernie wrong last time around and  AOC will have her wing ready to fight back. 

It would be quite enjoyable to see a whole bunch of Democrats slicing-and-dicing Hillary! If she were to suffer a public flaying a time or two, she may publicly lose control; who wouldn't enjoy that...? {#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

That's when it will be time to follow the liberal blogs ... that's where I got all the low down about Obama in 2008.. on Hillary-friendly blogs. And I got the low down about Hillary on the Obama-Friendly blogs ... it was all out war back then. Hillary was NOT ready to concede to him... lots of bad blood and threats both ways. I watched CNN and commented on their post.. but as a Hillary supporter... my comments were moderated and not allowed to post. I SAID NOTHING BAD OR UGLY.. my comments were just pronHillary and CNN was pro Obama. 

 tj... all true. 

I had predicted earlier on that Hillary Clinton will show her dirty head. The Clinton war swamp is being cleanse and she has been exposed. I like Tulsi Gabbard. I could see her as president one day.

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