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From the Liberty Daily regarding Dominion and demonstration of vote flipping

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 21st 2020 at 5:31pm by tjdonegan

Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA. - By: Edward Solomon (rumble.com)



The link above may be as long as 45 minutes in length, but Solomon shows - utilizing Philadelphia precincts - how vote are shifted from POTUS Trump to Biden... He intends - if he is still breathing - to more closely scrutinize dominion data tomorrow... 

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

The Rumble link does not work for me. I assume this is the same video?


I would like to think Powell is aware of this information since it's been out there for a few days. The ratios were locked after a certain point. 50.5% BIden to 45.5 Trump.

If Trump's lawyers don't already have all this, what kind of lawyers would they be?

Hold on a sec.  I got something that just might help, it'll be copypaste.


Thanks Ellie. I think it's the same video I linked to.

Have you heard about team Trump distancing themselves from Sidney Powell? Wonder what's going on?

If the claims in this video are true, then she's on her own trying to prove it...

Not yet, but if it's happening CBN will post it.

I just posted a post, with the video url:  I even have one for readig.

It'll be copy//paste though, because nothing else will work except the full url.  I left it in a message for Scott.  By the way are you on MeWe?

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