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Explanation of Quiz regarding the social-political Right and Left

Added: Monday, September 20th 2021 at 12:43pm by tjdonegan

This is also posted on the quiz page...

The quiz was an attempt to bring those individuals – if any - sympathetic to things social-political Left, that may take the quiz and read the subsequent explanation to reason [i.e., towards moving towards things social-political Right i.e., towards rationality i.e., sanity…]; one of the weaknesses of  this attempt – apart from some bad wording – is that one can only hope to bring Leftists to an interest in the quiz and subsequent explanation…


What are the implications of the principles from whence social-political Right and social-political Left are derived?  



1.) Whose principles hold the value of human life to be sacred/inviolable, those of the social-political Right, or those of the social-political Left? Answer: “A” the social-political Right. Explanation see question 6; it is the social-political Left’s worldview from whence ideologies are manifest; this follows logically from their a priori reduction of reality to the subjective conscious mind; thus, nihilism/materialism/egoism are each corollaries with sentimentality assigning value/meaning in accordance with the individual mien/soul… Consequent of such conditions – given the Leftist soul untethered from objective reality, thereby reducing God and superlative virtues to contingencies of the individual soul – with its attendant vicissitudes – placing human life in the tenuous relation with human desire unfettered from the immovable rock of objective morality…   


2.) Are you more likely to be characterized and assigned to a group e.g., racist, sexist, liberal, socialist, communist, homophobe, Nazi et al, by an individual of the social-political Left, or the social-political Right? The answer is “B.” This answer is tricky, because both those on the social-political Left and the social-political Right homogenize and characterize their antagonists; Leftists characterize because they – for all practical purposes, their worldview moves them into the position of God; thus, they may name their ‘creations;’ those on the social-political Right have acquired the bad habit from both interaction with Leftists, and as a result of the institutions that formerly promoted and implicitly (sometimes explicitly) taught moral virtue have fallen silent…


3.) Is an individual of the social-political Left or one of the social-political Right that chooses Government force as a means of social change? The Answer is “C”. Those on the social-political Left cannot argue dialectically [i.e., reason from facts and definitions, whereby the logical circumscriptions of those facts and definitions obligate choice/action] – because reality does not obey their will, as they feel it should – and because Leftist by force-of-will cannot move their opponents to comply with Leftists designs, Leftists have- organically [occasionally by design] - insinuated themselves into sundry institutions [Leftists owned the University…], and pooled their resources so as to systematically game the Government and its supporting cast so as to favor the advance of things social-political Left…


4.) Which is more in disagreement with might-makes-right, those of the social-political Left, or the social-political Right? The answer is “B”. The social-political right is the antithesis of might-makes-right! In contrast this phrase is an exemplary incorporation of the fundamental value (only) the social-political Left. Behind the social-political Leftists façade of care-for-the-disadvantaged/disenfranchised is the insatiable desire to remake reality in accordance with the insatiable will-to-power!  


5.) Are those of the social-political Right, or those of the social-political Left, that are inclined to attempt to find a rational common ground - and employ reasoned argument - so as to amicably resolve disagreements? The answer: “D.” Those of the social-political Right implicitly – if not explicitly – understand each human being as a moral entity; as such each human must be treated as sovereign entities and thus; thus humans must not be coerced; each human possesses a free-will and the capacity to understand consistency and inconsistency. To “move” a moral agent (i.e., to get an individual moral being to change his/her view) one is obliged to appeal to the individual’s reason and understanding. The advance/delineation of “Truth” is the greatest advocate rational/moral beings may employ to bring accord! Such is an exemplary principle of the social-political Right!


6.) In, and by, their respective avowed principles are those of the social-political Right or those of the Social-political Left that subscribe to an irrational worldview? The answer is: “B.” A rational worldview is one which is measured independently – and above - all contingent measures; thus, such a view is beyond the competency of the empirical sciences. Moreover, all empirical science disciplines as with all knowledge disciplines presuppose (i.e., take-for-granted) reality ordered independently of the subjective conscious/will. The principle by which reality is objectively ordered must transcend that very order upon which that order depends; God has historically been the appellation given that transcendent principle… Rational beings advance – which has been demonstrated historically – by acting in accord (obedience) with the objective order! As we have provided a thumbnail sketch of what constitutes a rationalworldview, we may induce the character /nature of existence which is manifest from abandonment of deference to the objective order and its implicit morality (i.e., natural law) as dystopia...


7.) Would Martin Luther King be a member – via principles - of the social-political Right or a member of the social-political Left? Answer: “C.” Martin Luther King Jr. was not only a Christian Minister; he was a registered Republican (surprise, Leftists!) and his public life was/is an epitomic testimony to the reasonable man and to Plato’s “man-of-justice.”


8.) Is it those on the social-political Left, or those on the social-political Right, that avow/embrace objective moral norms? Answer: “D.” Objective moral norms are the natural complement to objective order; those moral norms are merely rational limits which attend to individual existents and are made manifest to dispassionate reason reflecting upon that order… The Leftists – thoughtlessly (i.e., without thinking what things/activities will be manifest from the willy-nilly…) assert they are fine with ‘if-it-feels-good-do-it’ until things do not work, or work out as they had hoped; they then default to might-makes-right; as in “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!”.


9.) Which worldview, that of the social-political Right, or that of the social-political Left, is consonant – in agreement - with unalienable Rights and self-government? Answer: “D.” Each of the Founding Fathers were – like each of us humans – imperfect men, but they each accepted that reality was objectively ordered and thus, each implicitly – if not explicitly – unqualifiedly embraced the Laws-of-Nature and nature’s God (i.e., each was a member of what would come to be known and constitute the social-political Right); inalienable Rights are natural accompaniments…


10.) Which worldview social-political Right, or social-political Left, advocates that every human should get their due i.e., justice? The answer is: “A.” Justice – obtaining one’s due – is an attendant condition of moral beings. Only those on the social-political Right understand humans as individual sovereign moral beings and only those of the social-political Right can advocate justice for one and justice for all! Those of the social-political Left do not understand humans as moral beings, but instead understand aggregated/collected/grouped humans as a utilitarian means to POWER! Thus, the Leftists incessantly feigns concern for the disadvantaged, wherein the Leftist – if need be - creates grievances, suffered by the disenfranchised, which the Leftist then – publicly - proclaim as a cause for the Left to make right. The remedies generally involve empowering Leftists and denouncing those on the social-politicalRight as hatemongering bigots of some variety… The morality of the social-political Left is POWER, all else is mere means to that end/goal!


Sorry, if the questions were a badly worded/confused!

Thomas J. Donegan


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