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Economic theory is the basis of much of Trump’s quasi-intellectual opposition

Added: Sunday, October 18th 2020 at 1:50pm by tjdonegan

  William Kristol – Never-Trumper and founder of the defunct Weekly Standard [Kristol’s malefic animus for POTUS Trump likely expedited the demise of his milk-toast publication; the Weekly Standard promoted itself as something of a conservative publication, but it was quite cordial with politicians possessed of despotic inclinations…], son of famous neoconservative thinker Irving Kristol, and renown historian Gertrude Himmelfarb – is representative of a class of internationalist [yet American] quasi-intellectuals that inundate much of the intellectual class in the USA. Kristol is known as a neo-conservative, but claims himself simply conservative. Kristol – in fact – subordinates the principles of conservatism viz: inalienable Rights and rule-of-law as circumscribed by the natural-law [if he is ‘conservative’ it is – at best – remnant legacy sentiments from his mom and dad…], to an economic  theory which concerns itself primarily with the - short and long term - aggregate economy. And - by-the-bye - such economic theories dominate schools of economics; such is the justification for opposing tarriffs...

            If one understand that concern, one understands why MAGA is often diametrically opposed to the advocacies of Kristol and many others similarly concerned; that concern is for the global economy as it is, and as it can be (could be) if the USA wealth and resources are utilized to develop the global economies. For Kristol – and those like him – if the USA is severely damaged (and/or destroyed) in the process of developing the 3rd World Nations – bringing them into a partnership with the global community of Nations; it is a profitable exchange (they invest for Americans decline…).

This is one of the driving forces behind so many of the bourgeoisie so adamantly opposing POTUS Trump; he is, and has been, re-directing the American economy towards developing the USA. Kristol – and many, many on both the social-political Right and Left, in the Press, as well as many Republican and Democrat politicians – are heavily invested (economically and socially) in George H. W. Bush’s New World Order. As I’ve written before, on more than one occasion, POTUS Trump is Van Helsing and all of the vampires (apropos since the USA is a host carcass being utilized [raped] to feed the development of that New World Order… This is why Kristol is proudly supporting Joe Biden; Biden – like so many Democrats and Republicans – view selling out the USA as a means of enrichment…

Thomas J. Donegan


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As it turns out, all of those that vehemently, and incessantly, denounce POTUS Trump as a "meanie, heartless, arrogant, fascist/white-supremacist, hate-monger" really oppose Trump because he is messing up all of their plans; threatening their livihoods (which are made profitable by seeling out the USA), and those uninformed - like so many here at Blogster are - as Lenin asserted: "useful idiots" aid-and-abet those parasites...


As it turns out, you are so right!!  They say he's white supremacist, and yet, he speaks out at every turn against the white surpremacist. 

They just won't give up.

Ugh. Haven't stood a chance yet today [which is all my own doing of course] to digest this].

Do me a Monolithic favor if you please: reply to this remark so your content pops up again tomorrow in my roster.

Thanks so very much.


I like what you said about Trump being VanHelsing and world leaders being vampires. They have been trying for years and years to suck the life blood out of the U.S. and out of all of its people. And the Democrats have been rolling up our sleeves to give them better access to our arteries. The deals they've made have been good for all but the American people. And Trump has changed all that. That's why we like Trump so much and want him to continue handing out the crucifixes and the holy water.

Ah. Found you again.

Ok. I've read it. Overwhelmed me, as your content tends to do. Anyhoo. Ta.

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