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Discussing Obstruction of Justice and the Mueller Report

Added: Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 10:30pm by tjdonegan


            On political shows, and in News reports many social-political Leftists, and Democrat pundits, and politicians, insist that POTUS Trump was not cleared of obstruction of Justice by the Mueller investigation, and any number of former Federal prosecutors e.g., Andy McCarthy, Trey Gowdy and the current Attorney General William Barr, indicate that prosecutors do not “exonerate;” prosecutors either indict or do not indict. That should put to an end any claim that POTUS Trump has done anything which could be prosecuted under the law, which has nothing to do with impeachment. It is a shame that the Republicans, and Trump supporters, do not consistently assert: “Look; in Mueller not claiming Trump obstructed justice – when Mueller’s investigation was required to make such determination - Mueller tacitly clears Trump of any criminally actionable statute (i.e., law - for any leftistswhichmay read…); that said, POTUS Trump may be impeached by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives for “high-crimes and misdemeanors” and those Democrats may think Trump’s comportment meets the test of impeachable.” Impeachment – of course – is a political action, rather than a matter of law-enforcement, and the Democrats can easily bring impeachment charges against the President, but indicting POTUS Trump in the House will require a trial in the Senate. A trial will allow Trump’s attorneys – in discovery – access to all kinds of information which would cast a bad light upon Trump’s enemies, since there only motivation is politics and malice, such would be revealed for all to see… Thus, an impeachment trial would end up making Trump a sympathetic entity to any that do not have an indefatigable animus for him. Moreover, an impeachment conviction would require 2-thirds of the Senate voting in favor of Trump’s removal, but that would require a whole lot of Republicanvotes…


Now Democrats could get Republican’s to vote for Trump’s impeachment if they had a case, or if they could make Trump look guilty, making Trump look guilty was the purpose of Mueller’s summaries.  Mueller reduced his 400 + page report to 10 summaries which – we guess – were written to give the appearance that Trump was guilty of conspiratorial collusion, and obstruction-of-justice; the Press, and the Democrats, would have then used those summaries to make Republican lawmakers do what Republicans do, surrender (abandon Trump), but Bill Barr didn’t allow the summaries released; this is what so angered Democrats, and skunks like Comey, Brennan, and Clapper (i.e., players (Wiley Coyote’s in the conspiracy to entrap POTUS Trump i.e., the Road-Runner), about A.G. Barr. Barr; he didn’t allow the scum-bags to execute their plan of malice. It is unlikely that Robert Mueller will want to appear before the House – asGeraldNadler and the Democrats so desire –because he will be asked questions which may place Mueller inside the plot to remove Trump, and Barr and Trump (and a number of Republic lawmakers) are likely salivating in anticipation of Mueller’s appearance, but thus far Mueller hasn’t set a date… The fly-in-the-ointment in the plan to get Trump - the one thing which Robert Mueller, and his merry band of corrupt investigators hadn’t anticipated - seems to be an honest man i.e., A.G. Barr… As it is, whatever the Democrats choose to do, and however, the Press chooses to distort the facts, at the end-of-the-day – unless someone kills Bill Bar – many, many people (perhaps, even Hillary and Obama) in the Democrat Party, as well as former and current Federal employees of sundry investigatory agencies are going to receive justice…


Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

I think the average American has moved on from this so I don't even see how this will benefit the Democrats. I can see it will get nasty and put everyone in a bad light which most Americans already know about their politicians. I think its best for the Democrats to move on from this for the good of the country.

Hi, writer!

That the Democrats met yesterday (or was it today?) to determine how to procede against POTUS Trump rearding impeachment will likely bring many Americans back to the topic... When, and how, it all ends...?

Cordially, tjd

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