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Curt response that should be offered to those that claim Memphis Police are exemplars of White Supremacism.

Added: Monday, January 30th 2023 at 6:31pm by tjdonegan

Those pundits that take umbrage with Politicians and other pundits asserting that the 5 black Memphis policemen - those that murdered Tyre Nichols - are representatives of while-supremacism, and/or of racism, ought to be properly identified as paragons of immorality. If Biden makes such a claim, there should be no attempt - by those that disagree with his assessment - that his utterance is simply immoral! Ditto any politician... If such a claim is made by a CNN, a CBS, a FoxNews, a NBC, et al the same response should be offered by all that deign to comment upon such assessment, viz: The utterance and its articulator is immoral. Such a claim should become ubiquitous, because such is not a characterization; rather, it is a prima facie description! Only if one is asked to explain the assertion, should the claim be explained ...

Thomas J. Donegan


User Comments

You're being distracted. Everyone already knows they're "paragons of immorality"


Hi, Scott!

Agreed! What I would hope would happen - if enough people (particualrly conservative pundits, and politicians) - began referring to the utterances of such bold faced lies - that it would publicly shame the liars, making them both angry and self-conscious if the public picks up on it (It is easy for these bastards to make baseless claims of racism, but - as you say - many people know them to be immoral and such descriptions may present opportunities fro explanation whereby some of those not paying attention may begin... It would be a different tact than merely explaining - but again - that "X" is not a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, but the people making such claims do so because they are immoral, they are not restrained by truth...

Cordially, tjd


TJ, I am 100% with you on shaming them. It's effective and they don't like it.

I'm constantly repeating this quote to people and suggesting that when they understand this is what we're dealing with, they'll shame them constantly because it's really all you're left with until people with enough power and courage can seek justice. 


Didn't these people occupy mental institutions once upon a time? 



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