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biden's weaponization of Government

Added: Saturday, April 1st 2023 at 6:51am by tjdonegan

The Link below popped up when o was viewing Libertydaily.com headlines... The link will be posted in the comments, as well!  tjd

Weaklings - particularly mental weaklings* never like the truth to be told; censorship is what a weak corrupt individual - and despotic Government that works for the appointed despot - must do because they cannot win an argument when the facts are contrary to those that they require the Public believe so as to have the Public willing comply...

* Even in his prime biden was - in the words of Fog-horn Leghorn: "about as sharp as a bag full of wet leather", such is why biden was a plagalizer in the University...

Thomas J. Donegan 


(76) BREAKING NEWS: Eric Schmitt Gives Bombshell Testimony Alleging Biden Admin, Fauci Censorship Effort - YouTube

User Comments

Newsflash to Conservatives: The left is not trying to win arguments with you. 


Hi, Scott!

Thank you; of course you are right! Nihilists view arguments as pointless if they are empowered, a point I've made incessantly... The point of any such post like this, is to awaken any that may be awakened; it may be ineffective, but it is worth a try...?

Cordially, tjd

I have never disagreed with you that it's worth a try, only by which methods we do it. My trust level is much lower than yours, TJ.


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