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"Because They Are Evil"

Added: Thursday, September 16th 2021 at 8:09pm by tjdonegan

From the American Thinker, by Andrew W. Coy


There are a great many things coming from Biden, Fauci, the CDC, the State Department, the military, the Justice Department, and basically the Deep State that make no sense.  From Biden and the Deep State, we are getting executive orders, mandates, guidelines, decisions, policies, and edicts that just do not make any sort of intellectual sense.  It is not just a difference of opinion.  It is not just different politics or a different point of view.  Decisions, guidelines, policies, and proposed laws are coming out of Washington D.C., Biden, and the Deep State that one just can't figure out in an intellectual, factual, common-sense sort of way.  The only way to explain what is coming from the placeholder at the White House and the Deep State elites is that they are just evil.  They are doing what they’re doing because they are evil.  No other answer makes sense. 


Why would Biden declare a federal vaccine mandate for every American even though two previous Supreme Court decisions says his federal vaccine mandate is unconstitutional...? Because he is evil.


Why would Biden declare that all Americans must be vaccinated but illegal immigrants crossing our border illegally do not have to be vaccinated...? Because he is evil.

Why would the Biden administration demand that all Americans be vaccinated, regardless of whether they have already acquired natural immunity since they have already had COVID...? Because they are evil.

Why would the Biden administration declare a national vaccine mandate for all Americans, but exempt all of Congress, all the congressional aides, the postal service, the federal justice system, and the Supreme Court...? Because they are evil.

Why would Biden and the militarily happily leave $85 billion worth of military weapon armaments to the terrorist Taliban, but at the same time try to disarm peaceful law-abiding American citizens of their 2A rights...? Because they are evil.

Why would the Biden administration allow for open borders and unlimited illegal immigration, when they know that drug cartels and child traffickers use these openings to push the illegal drugs and the child trafficking into America...? Because they are evil.

Why would the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and the NSA violate their own laws, laws within the Constitution, and their own standards of practice for five years against candidate Trump, president-elect Trump, and President Trump...? Because they are evil.    

Why would the Biden administration fight so hard against Texas and its pro-life law that protects babies inside the womb whose heart is already beating, but at the same time they federally protect the embryos and eggs of lizards, alligators, and snakes...? because they are evil.

Why would the Justice Department keep the "mostly peaceful protesters" of January 6 locked up in solitary confinement as political prisoners when they actually committed no violent act...? Because they are evil.

Why would the Deep State cabal "place" someone in the White House who obviously has diminished intellectual capacity, most likely suffering cognitively from old age, and appears from all accounts to be suffering from deteriorating mind-functioning skills, (he was hidden in the basement for most of the last six months of the controversial election)...? Because they are evil.

Why is Nancy Pelosi putting the fences and barricades back up around the Capitol dome, the people's building, keeping the people out...? Because she is evil.

Why would Nancy Pelosi put on a "Stalinist Show Trial" concerning the events of January 6, when she ignored the violent and deadly riots all summer long in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles...? Because she is evil.

Why did Attorney General Merrick Garland say that the Justice Department is looking at putting people in jail for civil rights violations if they continue to have state forensic auditing of the controversial 2020 presidential election...? Because he is evil.

Why does Fauci continue to demand vaccinations for all, even including all K-12 students, when he knows the individuals that have had COVID are better naturally immunized than if they "take the jab"...? Because he is evil.

Why would General Mark Milley evacuate all the soldiers first from Afghanistan and leave Bagram Air Base unattended, before he got out all the American citizens and all the Afghani interpreters...? Because he is evil.

Why would Biden, the CDC, Fauci, and the Deep State be more angry at American citizens who refuse to take the experimental vaccine rather than focus their anger and retribution on China; the country that actually gave us COVID...? Because they are evil.

Why does Biden, Fauci, and the CDC refuse to admit that the Wuhan COVID virus came from Wuhan, China...? Because they are evil.

Why would Biden and the Deep State be more critical of and use more hateful words towards those Americans who believe in putting America First, rather than be critical of the globalist elite who hurt American interests both domestic and international...? Because they are evil.

Why is General Milley driving many patriot soldiers (conservatives/Christians/constitutionalists) out of the military...?  Because he is evil.

Why is Biden and the Justice Department declaring that the unvaccinated have no constitutional right to travel from state-to-state...? Because they are evil. 

Why does the ACLU stay silent when books are burned, people are fired, citizens are threatened with bodily harm, academic freedom is squashed, and lives and employment are cancelled simply because of a political difference or a different political point of view...? Because they are evil.

Why would the federal government and CDC close down schools and churches, but leave open alcohol and hemp stores...? Because they are evil.

When one analyzes these separate issues, it is obvious that it goes well beyond normal political difference.  It is not just a difference of opinion, not just a different worldview. It is not just a political power play.  It is not simply Democrats vs. Republicans nor conservatives vs. socialists.  It is not just the rotten fruit of a fraudulent presidential election.  These people are not dumb, not stupid, nor illiterate; that's not it.  They know exactly what they are doing.  The only thing that can explain these unexplainable decisions is...?  evil. The answer of evil makes the only sense, nothing else does.  I do wish there was a different answer.  But there's not.

By Andrew W. Coy...

User Comments

Fun, but I'm glad you didn't write this, TJ.

Finally... you've posted something that doesn't need an interpreter. {#apploud.gif}

Please deliver us from the flood of cut 'n pastes people ({#bag-on-head.gif}) share here...

Actually, more of a trickle...

Evil is too easy of a word to describe all of it, though I use it myself.

I think it's more compartmentalized than widespread. Fact is, there are many people who are absolutely conscious of what they're doing and I think it's fair to refer to them as evil in the way this person means it. But there are a lot of victims in all of this too. Not everyone is aware that what's going on is evil. They are brainwashed, subverted and under a constant barrage of active measures to keep them in check.

I could make a list of things done/supported by Republicans that have absolutely helped pave the way for this evil we see as they gleefully grew and empowered the state, but those who vote for those traitors (and will again) give few fucks.

The line about hemp is a false equivalency and just dumb. It shouldn't be some whataboutism nonsense, it should just be it's WRONG to shut down all of it. Cherry picking examples like this always reveals it's not state power they object to, it's how the force is used. What clowns!

You know why this guy says it's not about Republican/Democrat now? Because Republicans have lost the fuckin' war!!

So therefore, evil prevails so they can still feel righteous, completely ignoring their complicity. Excuse me while I vomit.


Wellll...the author's picks are ACTING evilly...

And so do many Born-Agains who are back into sins...many of which sins they don't/won't acknowledge...but God sees all.

REMEDY1: The Ministry of Reconciliation for the lost ones who are doing evils...

REMEDY2: The Ministry of RE-Reconciliation/repentance for the sinning Born-Agains who are doing and/or supporting evils.


IE:  IICorinthians 5.

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