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A response to Chuckman's disabling responses

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 7:20pm by tjdonegan
Category: News & Issues

Note: I would have posted this on Chuckman’s blog, but he doesn’t allow (responses are disabled…) responses…

Chuckman discusses the Iran bringing down a Ukrainian airline (via a missile) and holds POTUS Trump responsible for the downing of the plane, and by logical implication the loss of innocent life... Chuckman claims the Iranians acted in response of "great pressure," and intimates that the Iranians feared the plane may be a cruise missile... Now the U.S. Navy - even in 1978 - was able to identify friend, foe and plane vs. missile; that technology - was relatively new (digital technology - which allows for miniaturized virtual devices, able to make radar, signal exploitation, df and communications systems so much more supple that analogue electronics...) was relatively new then, but today that technology is much more refined and ubiquitous; Iran undoubtedly possesses the capability to easily differentiate a missile from an airline... Moreover, cruise missiles which travel @ sub-sonicspeeds - generally - fly at a low altitude (below radar; hugging terrain limiting their detectability until they are visible i.e., nearly engaging the target...) Chuckman seems to argue wishfully and in ignorance upon these points... The Iranian’s very likely knew what they were doing…


Now Chuckman claims: “Where was the justice when the United States shot down Iran Air Flight 655, killing 290 Iranians above the Strait of Hormuz, Iran’s own territorial waters, in 1988?


The captain of the American warship that downed that airliner was even awarded a medal.


Or where was the justice when Israel sent 114 people aboard an airliner - Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 - to their deaths in 1973 over the Sinai?


A known, clearly marked airliner, trying to return to Cairo, was downed by two Israeli fighters. There were no repercussions at all for Israel.


And we respond 1.) The USA doesn’t necessarily always wear a white-hat, but it is also the case that many such geopolitical activities – to the parties involved, possessing the intelligence information that they do – may seem justified; witness the USS Liberty (U.S. spy-ship) being sunk (1967 Six-day war) by Israel because we were assisting the Arabs to maintain a balance of power; the Israeli’s knew what we were doing and sunk our ship… Publicly the USA accepted the sinking as a mistake… So what was really behind the things you mention Chuckman are unknown, but they may have grounding in lesser-of-two-evils… I do not justify such actions, but your intimation that Iran is a victim – vis-à-vis the Ukrainian airline - is ridiculous.  


Chuckman additionally claims: “Ultimately, only one person is responsible for all of it. His name is Donald Trump, and he busies himself with threats and violent acts against a nation which has attacked no one in its modern history and is known by all experts to have followed scrupulously its nuclear treaty obligations, the treaty Trump just suddenly one day decided to rip-up.

 Chuckman seems to be encumbered by the moral myopia (blindness) which afflicts the social-political Left i.e., his understanding of morality/ethics and rule-of-law is ideologically subjective… He asserts:


Ethics matter, or why does anyone bother go to church or synagogue to pray and read scripture?


And the rule of law matters. In these matters, Trump has been in complete contempt of the rule of law.


Trump is given a free hand by our politicians to commit murder in public. And to make vicious threats, day after day. Please remember that in ordinary civil society, uttering serious threats can put you into prison.


If Trump’s vicious activities don’t cause our government to speak up, what would?


Certainly not the bloody terrors of Saudi Arabia, courtesy of Trump’s good pal, the Crown Prince. Our government says nothing about his murder, executions and bombing of civilians. Nothing.


We have constructed a society with all kinds of barriers against ethics, and we have learned nothing from the bloody horrors of the past.


All the hypocrisy towards Iran, charging it with crimes it has not committed, makes our ethics and respect for rule of law devoid of meaning.

And we are left to wonder what Chuckman means by “ethics” and by the rule-of-law; it would seem that if Chuckman had the power to realize his will, POTUS Trump would be put on trial for murder (an objectively ethical claim, no doubt…)…? I – for one – would like Chuckman to delineate his understanding of things “ethical” and additionally a brief exposition as to what is the rule-of-law… Our guess is that Chuckman will ignore such pleas for any delineation would/will expose him as sentimental…

Thomas J. Donegan




User Comments

chuckman is foremost a vicious antisemite. That says it all.

I heard the Canadian Prime Minister past some of the blame to Trump also. I don't believe Iran made an error. I believe if Trump didn't kill Soleimani, Iran will not have shot down the aircraft, but I won't blame Trump for Iran's action. 

TJ, you're quite a diplomat.

I look at your arguments and think: "Here's a sane diplomat type addressing  the actions and thinkings of the eq of an angry third-world dictator/thug.

Oh, well, I suppose you'd get after me about me wasting my time in some of my pursuits, too.

Iran attacked our embassy and the United States RETALIATED by killing the military brain at the helm, Soleimani - nicely done i might add. Iran then retaliated by throwing a temper-tantrum. All this proves it that they are a cowardly lot. As stated above, the technology is much too sophisticated and common to make such a mistake

Chuckman strikes me as the U.S.'s #1 enemy on this site. He is always criticizing the U.S. and he is always taking the side of our enemies. Which makes me believe while he may be a "Canadian," he is a naturalized citizen from somewhere in the ME. 

Chuckman is an insufferable dolt.

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