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9 minutes to know all u need to know about Balenciaga Pedophiles

Added: Saturday, November 26th 2022 at 12:37pm by tjdonegan

Perhaps you saw Tucker Carlson - several days past -  discuss Balenciaga's promotion of pedophilai's normalization...? This is now (11/26/2022 @ 2:49 EST) on Liberty Daily; it originated from PressforTruth, by writer/reporter Dan Dicks; J.D. Rucker wrote a lead-in on Liberty Daily, but Rucker's article includes the video, and link to see the PressforTruth video... 

In case the link does not function below, I'll include the link in the comment section...

Cordially, tjd

Everything You Need to Know About Balenciaga Pedophiles in Less Than 9 Minutes (Share This With Those Who Get News From Corporate Media) ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily

User Comments

Someone needs to be restrained and punished severely....maybe that's what they've wanted all along

Hi, 1derlander!

Do you mean the pedophiles want to be caught and punished, or do you mean that those that are exposing such wicked deeds, and practices, desire prosecution of these monsters?

Cordially, tjd

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