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The Cancer That Infiltrates Us

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, April 23rd 2019 at 8:17am by Thewritertwo

America has its problems and they are so big that they are destroying the fabric of the American society. Back in the 80's when I first came here, a few things were understood. One was that America was predominantly White and to maintain such dominance the laws and enforcement of the laws were tinted to maintain such dominance. In the Black neighborhoods that I lived in, it was normal for White police officers to use violence to keep Blacks under control. Many times I walk through neighborhoods I will see White cops interrogating Black males. Images of a Black man on the ground with a cop holding his foot on his face while pulling his arm behind his back were not uncommon. Blacks lived in hope that America would change or they sometimes waited on the opportunity where they could take revenge on White cops. Those actions of White cops and the memories of a slavery past didn't speak well for future peace between Black Americans and White Americans. We've come a long way fromthosedays, but personally I think there are Blacks who would never totally get over the past of racism and that doesn't speak well for the future of America. But it is not Americas racial past I want to blog about today. It is the fact that America keeps adding to its problems while not taking care of its own.

There have been a trend by both Republicans and Democrats, more so Republicans to start a war with a Muslim country once they take office. Once we bombed the hell out of those countries and scatter their citizens, we take them in as refugees or some force their way into European countries. We hope that those who come would adopt our ways. Then within our countries we watch them multiply. Soon they are so many of them that they change the fabric of the country. They elect their own and then Boom, just like that the country is a far cry from what it used to be.

America is starting to look like Jonah in the belly of a whale. It is looking like a mansion with crocodiles in its backyard. The constant wars and destabilizing of countries economies are washing up migrants in droves on the shores of America and other Western Countries and they are not forgetting what the West did to their countries. From Iraq, Syria, Libya and now the eyeing Iran, where does it stop? Haven't we learned? Why are we not seeing the pattern? Can the American people put an end to this cycle of madness?

User Comments

Nope. Not as long as the military industrial complex has a strangle hold on the country. Not as long as war mongers who thrive on the "spoils of war" exist. Not as long as countries keep meddling in other country's business and not as long as there is the continuation of religious wars around the world.

Exactly Maria. Spot on.

Once again writer you ask a deep, deep question.  Maria has one answer and that addresses the MIC!  There is a sociological response!

You would start by asking the question...what is an American?  Is it a particular race or religion of people...or is it a culture?  If so, what is that culture?

America historically has been known as a melting pot.....today there are just a few more different incredients in that pot...and as a result the "Stew" tends to look different.

I think to much is being put on this influx of people from other cultures...and we need to spend more time addressing the question of why our culture seems not to be able to withstand this assault?

Example....lets say you are an Orthodox Jew and you live in England.  If you move to New York, your customs and traditions do not change.  You just become an American Jew.  

Or if you are a Mormon living in Utah and move to Germany....guess what, your customs do not change, you are just a Mormon in Germany!

If we are having some problems with our Social Institutions maintaing themselves, I submit that it has less to do with those folks coming in and more to do with us doing something wrong!

Good point Winning. I hear the term Melting Pot used a lot. I understand that it became prominent in 1908 for a play (wikipedia) although it was around longer. But do you think Melting Pot was foreseen to include Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims or was it the idea of Europeans melting together?

Clearly in its early useage it was European!!  But as time went on it by natural forces began to take on a different form......the form it exist in today!

At the same time the use of the word Ethnocentrism started to take a back seat to the use of the word Racism and and this caused groups to be labeled and as a result stoked the fears associated with otherism!

I wondering if America ever accepted those changes or did it lead to what became Jim Crow laws? I'm even wondering if other kind of laws led to discrimination among other groups?

Now remember that Jim Crow was designed to prevent or at the least restrict the contents of that Melting Pot!  What a lot of people forget is that we also had Indian and Chinese Codes in America and they were just as restrictive but just not as well known.  Some of those codes were dropped locally, but those populations also were not as public in their push back.

Yes. I heard of some of those situations.

The Chinese Codes were partially harsh....but again the Chinese kept their heads down....relied heavily on their heritage and Culture and actually decided not to intergrate, but to assimilate!

There is something about MLK that few people seem to remember....he was not as much for Intergration as he was for the end of Jim Crow and desegregation!!  FACT!

He just wanted a seat that the Dinner table.....he did not want to marry your daughter!{#basic-laugh.gif}

So to speak!

Good point. A lot of times I think we associate his thinking with integration among races.

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