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The American Clan And The Worms That Seek To Erode It.

Added: Tuesday, December 4th 2018 at 7:03am by Thewritertwo

During the Florida elections and heard Andrew Gillum speak on his alleged corruption charge and it sounded like he accepted tickets from an undercover FBI agent to a Broadway show. To Andrew, it sounded like a nice gesture from someone who appreciates him and is grateful for as he takes his stride into the political realm. Unfortunately, what it turned out to be was the worm that stuck under his armpit and watched it rot slowly. 

A similar worm is trying to stick under the armpit of Donald Trump. Long before he was elected president, the worm made its presence known. It came as a trusted friend and a longtime adversary. Long before America's favorite bridegroom took the stage of the presidency, he was being pulled away from the American people even before the honeymoon was over. Trump had three important tasks. That is to curb the irrational flow of illegal immigration, stop the outsourcing of jobs, and reduce the deficits. He has done a remarkable job of two that is he stop the flow of illegal immigration, and he brought the jobs back, but now the worms in his armpit as slow eating away of his ability to reduce the deficit. The America people are watching as their president is being pulled apart by a stupid investigation of election interference that involves both our friends and our enemies. An investigation held over Trump's head as a means to stem his quest to stop the reckless bleeding ofAmerica's deficit which is not even a deficit that benefits the American people, but more so it's foreign interest. From Global Warming to Military spending, all taking big chunks of money we don't own or have. And that is not to say we don't care about the environment, but we can take care of our environment through our own checks and balance.

The American Clan is made up of people of all Races and background and the worms that fester in its armpit are eating away at our differences and pitting us against each other. Americans are made to worry about basic things like food and shelter as bodies are strewn all over the streets of a helpless and hopeless people. We have a media outlet that seems different, but they are all the same with a similar agenda which is to show up our differences like a sore thumb and have us blame each other.

America is we get it right could be a place where people have an opportunity to be innovative and satisfy the highest peak of Maslow's Theory of Self Realization which will keep being the greatest nation on earth, but in order to achieve this, we have to eradicate the worms in its armpit that stirs the fuel of hate and despondency. 

Hopefully, Trump will refocus and return to his Bride and tackle the deficit.

User Comments

Writer to reach that goal of Self Actualization (Realization) it is important for one to know where he/she stands on the Pyramid...and today I think that is our biggest problem.

If you would agree...the base of the Pyramid is dealing with ones physical needs.  Every American is concerned about his/her physical needs.   Its that concern about things like food, water, shelter, sleep etc that can cause either fear or sleepless nights of worry.

For a person dealing with those needs....the deficit is meaningless especially if they are the working poor and near homeless.

If you are in fear of your personal Safety which is the next step on the Pyramid, then the deficit will not matter to you either.....hell build the Wall regardless of the cost...fund the Police Force regardless of the cost....fund the Military regardless of the cost!

I could go on and on....but see my point?

Trump has not been as successful as one might think.....but what he did do is take you back down the Pyramid a bit before he starts to bring us back up to where we were. 

Remember with him....Perception is Reality!

Trump to me has been successful so far. Will it last, I don't think so. I have a feeling we are heading straight back to where George Bush took us or we may once and for all surrender to Democratic Socialism. Immigration and a Free Market to me is an important part of Capitalism. Immigration brings new players to the market which is good for business and the Free Market gives access to cheap goods. Trump policies can back fore on those terms. America is starting to look like a big retirement home for the wealthy and a scramble for survival for the poor.

Yeah, the poor need to flee across the border to a better, Mexican life.

There is a club. We are not in it. D.J. Trump did not take the oath to be in that club. That club is doing everything they can to derail the MAGA agenda. The club are the real rulers and are the top 1% and they totally want their power and America back. Even if they have to cause the fall of America to do it.

The Elites totally don't care about you or me or anyone but themselves. All they care about is holding and keeping power. President Trump has good intentions for America and us the people that have been forgotten. The Elites are working overtime to thwart that.

They control the media, they control the banks, they control every aspect of the power structure across the board in this world. 


Because their interest is profit over the country. If Trump can reduce the deficit then he will be untouchable in 2020. 

That is easier said than done. However friend, the truth is, America isn't really in debt. That is an illusion to control people through fear.

Conservatives have made it a big issue in the past. I think though it's real because countries who hold our debt can squeeze us.

You a fuckin retard Billy-Dean-Bob!


Really fucking stupid and ignorant.


We have all been sent on a goose chase and we all took off after it. We know the charges against Trump are pure fiction. What we've been getting wrong is why the Dem/Radicals are keeping this scam alive. Every sort of crime they accuse Trump of is a crime they have committed ten fold. As long as we keep chasing the Republican goose they've manufactured we will not even notice what the Dem geese are doing or have done. 

Somehow I feel the Shadow Government has more to do with this than the Dem. 

Aren't the Dems and Radicals the same as the shadow government? 

I don't think so. If they were, Obama would have been a better president. They are all puppets. They are trying their best to get Trump on the program.

I almost agree with that last sentence. I once did agree with it but now I believe they have accepted that he will not join them and see their only option now is to destroy him.

I believe they strive on war, so if he resists their temptations, they will try and take him down. 

Awww shut, its been half a week since I called Mr Nobull a cunt. 

I've been negelctful

You worthless fucking cunt!

Ooooh! A spooky shadow government???


Great that you've come out as a Klan member, boy! {#apploud.gif}

Not sure I understood your comment.

Not sure if I understand my own comment either. (I do that somtimes). What I would say, though, is that, if I say something negative, even if I don't get the whole thing, I probably saw something worth bitching about.

Hey, Trump and the outsourcing of jobs? He'd sell his granny for a better fiscal outlook. Maybe your Bloogster name just pissed me off. 

In hindsight, I may have overreacted. So thanks for your gentle response and may you have a wonderfull holiday season. 

But don't ever cross me, grrr! Giggle!

Thanks Oakie. Enjoy your holidays. I tend not to take things personally so it will be difficult for me to give a harsh response. I light fires sometimes to see what I learn from the intellectuals around here.

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