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Becoming a Wedding Planner

Added: Monday, December 17th 2012 at 11:39pm by theweddingplannerbook

Planning parties or events is one of the many hobbies most people have in pursuit of showing their creativity. If you have a love for parties and celebrations, you may want consider becoming a wedding planner. Surprisingly, wedding planners nowadays earn more out their creative skills in planning and managing wedding festivities.  The good side about getting into this career is that it is exciting and it can be very lucrative at the same time.

If you are interested in becoming a wedding planner , here are some easy steps to guide you in staring your career:

1.    There are a number of elements in becoming a wedding planner. As a wedding planner you have to arrange and consider the venue, theme, flowers, food, invitations, and all the other key elements that make up a good wedding.  It really depends sometimes on the kind of wedding you are planning to create. This will all be based on the contract and what the bride and groom expect from you. If you are new to all these things, like photography perhaps, it would be best if you start out becoming an assistant of some well-established wedding planning firms. Also find ways to help your friends with their weddings. Do it voluntarily. Do your own documentation of these weddings and study them very well. You may also want to consider experimenting on some small events even if it is not directly associated with weddings. This will develop your skills in planning parties and events.

2.    A part of becoming a wedding planner is research. Start researching on different vendors and people which you can later on use in your future wedding planning projects. Take note of their prices and their specialties because they will be your future references.

3.    Once you have tried helping out at weddings or events. Put your works into a portfolio and make it as beautiful as possible. This will give the brides a good lasting impression of your craft. It would also help to write a narrative of your background in wedding planning. Also ask your friends to use them as your references and tell them to mention your name during their weddings. Word of mouth still is the strongest form of advertising when you are starting out your business.

4.    Widen your contacts. Talk to different venues like churches and catering services where you have helped out on a particular wedding. Leave your calling cards to different wedding coordinators. They can refer you to future potential clients. Try to juice out every opportunity there is in events.

5.    The last part relies on the advertising and marketing aspect of your business. Start creating brochures and calling cards. Advertise in whichever platform that is available. You can do it online or yellow pages. If you have the budget, start creating booths at different bridal fairs. Exposure is the key to get you booked as a wedding planner.

Becoming a wedding planner requires a lot of patience. It is a craft to be mastered. It will sooner grow depending on your effort and on your craft. Widen your contacts and always make sure you get referred to by your friends. A referral fee is not a bad idea at all. Always remember that your success will always depend on how well-crafted and organized your previous works are. Do not be scared to learn and be patient. All the hard work will surely pay off once you get your first wedding paycheck!

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