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Scared of the CORONAVIRUS

Added: Thursday, February 13th 2020 at 1:48pm by thesavagette



I live in Los Angeles, and i've been freaking out about this. What are your thoughts on COVID-19? Terrified? Bioweapon? 

User Comments

Personally I think the news is making more out of this than it really is. While it is happening I just don't see it as bad as the News Media is saying it is. They love too scare us. Bro. Doc

This would be a good time to toss a watermaker and a year's supply of food in a sailboat and go on an extended cruise of the southern seas.

I'm concerned but trying to keep my wits about me and not panic. They say most people who get it get a mild case of it and get over it like most people do with the regular flu. The people it kills are usually old or have some pre-existing condition that weakens their immune system. So it doesn't kill everybody and if you're young and healthy, it probably won't kill you. 

l live in Ireland.  It worries me.  It is spreading at a frightening rate.  Really hope it gets under control soon.

Well I don't buy it at all, the flu kills more people that thisvirus.  Don't be afraid and quit listening/watching the news.  CDC can't stress it enough to wash your hands for it least 20 seconds after you touch objects in oublic, if you can't wash your hands use hand sanitizer. 

The media is doing a good job in creating fear, don't buy into it..

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