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Notes from Earth

Added: Tuesday, March 21st 2023 at 2:31pm by ThePublicDiary

Bottlenecks, miscreants. You know it only takes one bad driver to clog up a highway or freeway. It only takes one to make history, destiny – to change a nation’s – a world’s – trajectory. See: Oswald, Booth, Czolgosz, Guiteau, Princip…the CIA?

Comfort Zone. As in – get out of it.

The conspiracy, the confession. Imagine…Posing as a physician, you inform a man that he’s terminal. Thinking he’s got nothing to lose he confesses to a murder he committed years ago. He quickly finds out that he’s not terminal. Ethical? Unjust? He certainly didn’t confess when he thought he was healthy. What’s to stop you – or I – from going a step further the next time?

You can’t set high moral standards for others without adhering to them yourself.

Bubba. I hear this plumber commercial frequently on the radio while at work. “No Bubbas here ma’am…” When I think of Bubba, I think low-grade, trailer-park – white trash. Why is Bubba ok  and not, let’s say, Leroy or Tyrone, or, Jose or Miguel? A rhetorical question – I know why.

What will be the end of the United States? The Walking Dead, aka the Homeless? The Elites? A racial and/or class apocalypse? The sea-level rising .001 an inch in the next fifty years?

The problem – problems – with the human race is that it is composed of numerous – certain types of – humans. Certain types of=personality types. You know – the types that run everything.

The eulogy. The irony. I would bet there have been plenty of wakes where you get the (same, usual, blah-blah), “(So-and-so) Was a great guy (gal)…” Turns out the celebrated died from homelessness or an overdose or…whatever. None of the speakers or attendees had seen the dead in years – by choice. Shunned in life, celebrated in death.

Have seen this sign frequently: Drive Like Your Kids Live Here. What if I don’t have kids? I’m kidding. Cracks me up when I hear the news state what a tragedy it is that some kid – or kids – were killed while street racing on public streets. Tragedy?!!! I say good riddance. Especially if they didn’t kill anyone else – like an innocent bystander.

User Comments

1. Yep

2. Hell naw, I just got here!

3. I'm okay with that.

4. I'm okay with that, too.

5. That's your correlation, why? I know a perfectly lovely lady who is Bubba to her grandkids, instead of Grandma. She's far from trailer trash.

6. I'll go with greed - in any/all of its myriad forms.

7. I can't really blame a dog for getting fleas or licking it's ass, so I can't blame humans for being human. Poor sods.

8. Yep.

9. I can't laugh at parents losing a child. And I'd also prefer they could live through the experience and get old enough to get smarter. I think we've all done some supremely stupid things in our youth.

Appreciate your thoughts. On five, was making no correlation. Was stating (rhetorically) that it's perfectly fine to denegrate one group while completely unacceptable to do the same with (nearly all) other groups. On nine, I can appreciate; although, I never killed anyone - did you?

Apologies. I misconstrued “When I hear Bubba I think…” No, I’ve never killed anyone. I must have misunderstood again; I read that to mean you considered their death good riddance whether or not they killed someone else.

Side shows are why I should be a cop.

Apply - departments are hiring.

But police brutality is not allowed.

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