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Liberals Are Now the New Conservatives

Added: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 4:58pm by theamazingstevenc

Liberals Are Now the New Conservatives

Back in high school I had to take a political compass test to determine where I stood as far as politics went. I was center right like most Americans, either center right or center left. After graduation I have turned to the far right. A lot of that has to due with the fact that I started pay attention to what was going the world and I didn’t agree with our two-party system. Democrats sound great for social issues but not so much on the economy, Republicans are defiantly no better. Like I saw once of Facebook “its like watching McDonalds and Burger King fight over whose fries are healthier.” My government teacher was a “screaming liberation” as he would say. But perhaps what made him one of my favorite teachers was the fact that he told us I don’t care if you’re a communist, fascist, conservative or liberal as long as you come to those conclusions on your own.Aftertaking the test all of us in the class were surprised and not surprised where we stood on the political spectrum. Out of all us there was one that was a socialist and she was proud of it. My teacher’s reaction was a mix of shock and joy. Shocked because he never expected that and joy because he never really had a socialist student. Unlike our politicians today our class got things done. We had debates with other peers, then sometimes we had debates with the teacher, sometimes debates with other classrooms, but at the end of the day we got along and found common ground on whatever the issue was. I live in the most conservative county in the state of Texas and all of us got along with that one socialist. What a change it has become since then.

After graduating Barack Obama become president again and now Donald Trump has become the current president. Trump has hijacked the Republican Party and has made it something it never was. Trump should make his own party and call it the “Make America Great Again Party” because he made the party about him not about conservative ideology. But his not the only one who is changing once established principles. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who made history by being elected and serving as the youngest person in Congress. She is also one out of two politicians who are members of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA). The DSA is not a political party but instead an organization. And in my view a dangerous one.

When Ocasio-Cortez says things “[ICE] do not deserve a dime until they can prove that they are honoring human rights, until they can make a good faith effort to expand and embrace immigrants … Until they can prove good faith to an American ideal, they do not deserve any resources for their radical agenda,” it sets a dangerous rhetoric that we here from Republicans as well. This is something that is not found in the Democratic Party and so far, is a far-left position to take. But more politicians are agreeing with her like New York Senator and now 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand. What makes her words dangerous is that people start to agree with it and changes the ideology and principles of the Democratic Party just like with what we have seen with the RepublicanParty.(https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortez-calls-to-abolish-ice-says-latinos-must-be-exempt-from-immigration-laws-because-they-are-native-to-us)

People start leaving their respective parties and soon division begins and give rise to new ideas, values, and principles. It can be a good or bad thing. In the case of Ocasio-Cortez who wants to end ICE it is radical idea within the context of her party. This is a position the Democratic National Convention (DNC) does not take, or at least isn’t on their website yet. She has also said that capitalism is bad because "the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit.” (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-10/ocasio-cortez-blasts-capitalism-as-an-irredeemable-system). An extreme position that the DNC has not formally taken either. And if it was up to her, she would get ridofcapitalism altogether. And if that wasn’t enough she even favors a 70% income tax rate on income made over 10 million.


Ocasio-Cortez has taken even more left leaning positions then her colleagues. I’m not going to go on with all her positions. That is something you can look up. The point of this is that more people like Ocasio-Cortez are gaining momentum. After all her constituents voted for her because they liked what she said and stood for. Which means that people are starting to become dissatisfied with our two-party system. America saw this with Trump. A reality T.V star who was a Democratic before running for president, with no government experience, broke away from the norms of the Republican Party and has made the party of Abraham Lincoln the party of Trump. How would the president who ended slavery react to the president on the border wall? Who knows? But one thing that can be agreed upon is that Lincoln kept the country united as opposed to Trump who has made greatdivisionsin his own party and in America.

Many Republicans have left the party and even switched parties altogether. The problem is that this starts to become the new “normal.” Either people stay with a leader who says unfounded things, or they leave the party that ended slavery and kept the Union.

Ocasio-Cortez may be seen as radical right now but if the trend continues in 100 years people will look at her and say will she was conservative in what she believed. What will be the political climate of our country then? Who knows? What she says and others like her say is what will be the new normal. People are starting to break away from the two-party system and listening to “new” ideas.

A new generation of voters are going to the polls now. If Trump and Ocasio-Cortez are any indication of what is going to happen to next, we just might see the emergence of new political parties. The once so called “liberals” will now be called “conservatives” and the so called “conservatives” will be “liberals.”

If a man as old as Trump can become president and do what he has done imagine the youngest Congresswomen ever to be elected can do in ten years?

The question isn’t if they will succeed but rather what would we call the future political parties? Parties don't chagne people but voters do change the party.



User Comments

Seems you have completely missed the fact that the parties have changed, and they did so long before the likes of Trump and Cortez showed up. There are numerous examples of how the Democrat and Republican parties stopped being defined by intellectuals Buckley and Vidal (as they were for many years) and became something quite different. You're not taking into account how "think tanks" have had a massive influence over the last 20 years or so. The "Neocons" on the right, and the "Progressives" on the left. They are the factions that dominate party policy right now. There is nothing liberal about the left, and nothing conservative about the right.

You call yourself "far right"...  what does that mean?

Not understanding at all how "liberals are the new conservatives" since the progressives are running the show and their wish is to NOT conserve anything.

I was saying that if people like Ocasio-Cortez pass the laws that they want she would become the new standard for conservatism in the future. If we all get government health care for all imagine what a "liberal" stance against it would look like? Thats what I mean.

As far is being far right goes, I'll put it to you like this. Trump for me is too liberal and a weak president. 

I like to make people guess where I stand on politics but if you know who Edumnd Burke you know where I stand.

I'm not understanding what laws she could possibly attach herself to that would make her the new standard for Conservatism?

What would you have Trump do that would make him less liberal and weak?

Burke was a huge advocate for party government, which is what we've had for ages that's now turned into partisan machines controlled by the special interests. What am I missing there? I know there was more to the man, but that was his political philosophy.

Trump hijacked the Republican Party? How naive. Did Sanders, an avowed communist, hijack the Dem Party? Did Obama, a secret black nationalist, hijack the Dem Party? Did the Clintons, ideological socialists but actual outright theives, steal the Dem party? The simple truth is that no one can be elected president if he does not have the backing of one of the parties. They don't steal the parties they just temporarily assume the authority of a party's power in order to get elected.

When many Republicans leave the party and endorse Clinton instead because of the words and actions of the president yes the president has hijacked the Republican Party

Trump didn't hijack the Republican party. That was the Neocons. It's them and establishment Republicans who call themselves Never Trumpers.

The more traditional/paleoconcervatives have supported Trump for the most part...

Both former Bush's have said they don't like him. John McCain really didn't either. Former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell. The list goes on. Most people who don't like Trump are Republican women. 

When Trump says the things he says and people like Bush speak out against him, the party is changing. Now people in Congress take positions they use to never take. The border wall is no where in the Republican platform 

George Bush is the one who brought the Neocons into Gov. His son empowered them after 9/11. McCain did their bidding, and Powell lied before the U.N. for them. Those are some horrible examples since they're the people who destroyed any semblance of Conservatism in the GOP. You could not have given worse examples.

Bush changed the party a thousand times more than Trump. If you see the Bush family as typical of the GOP, then your history doesn't go back nearly far enough. Even the Tea Party started as a rejection of all things Bush.

People are taking those positions because they can see how popular it is with voters. Trump is the first one to actually fight for it. Party platform means nothing. Have you ever actually looked at the results there? It's a joke! Republicans were for limited constitutional Government. Do you see any of that?

You just furthered my point all togther. I was saying that parties flip over time which we have seen. The Whigs and Republicans to what whatever this so called "conservative" party is. This what I meant. And no Bush doesn't represent the GOP. He went against a lot of the GOP party. Like immigration and what not. 

Trump doesn't represent conservative values and is a horrible example of it. However I'm defining Conservative not to American conservatism which seems to be about guns and church but more to the actual begging of conservatism. In many countries the Democrats are actually on the right side of politics. 

The president and the GOP are a joke. A conservative wouldn't send foreign aid. No one has represented that. Ron Paul kind of did

You have said Trump hijacked the GOP. Not true. I was just trying to tell you who did. The Neocons are Trotsky-ites, leftists...  that's why the shift. The more of them that bought into the BS spewed by the Bush admin, the further the GOP has gotten away from real conservatism.

I've not suggesting Trump is a real conservative. I'm just saying he has done by action (in some ways) what Republicans say they want but never do. I've been asking right here on Blogster for years what is a Republican, and is that Conservative? If Republican is Conservative, then for me, 99% of them are RINO's as people like to call them.

I agree with you that a Conservative wouldn't send foreign aid. I'm 100% opposed to it and Trump is a hypocrite to say America first and then give anyone a dime.

Ron Pau's Neocon speech and farewell address reveals the truth 100%. He breaks it all down perfectly.

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