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Wireless Networks

Added: Wednesday, April 4th 2018 at 4:09am by telecomengineers

Wireless communication technology is a cutting edge other option to conventional wired systems administration that depends on links to interface computerized gadgets together. Remote advancements are generally utilized as a part of both home and business PC systems.

Types of Wireless Network Technologies



3G & 4G


Wireless Home Automation

Different advances still a work in progress however liable to assume a part in remote systems without bounds incorporate 5G cell Internet and Li-Fi unmistakable light correspondence.

Other Wireless Applications

Other than home systems administration and Internet availability, remote is being coordinated into an expanding number of spots where it wasn't utilized previously. Watches, iceboxes, and numerous other individual gadgets - some of the time notwithstanding dress - are bit by bit being fitted with remote correspondence abilities. How helpful the majority of this innovation is for society stays to be seen.

Know What is Wireless Local Area Network


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